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Today’s Consumer Behaviour: The Power of Video in Google’s Search Dominance

Way back in 1981, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ was the first ever song played on MTV.

In that moment, video began its quest for dominance over all other forms of content! AND, it has now become one of the most consumed mediums, ever…

This is largely down to the evolving landscape of modern day consumer behaviour.

In recent years, there has been a huge shift towards utilising the power of digital platforms.

Google, of course.

But now video-dominated platforms like TikTok and Instagram are storming ahead. With users watching an average of 17 hours of online video content in a week in 2023.

What does this mean for businesses aiming to maintain top search positions on Google while also staying at the forefront of consumer minds?

This is the million-dollar question. However, the answer is simpler than you might think and fortunately for you, the real risk lies not in the cost of producing video but in the opportunities lost by not engaging in video content.

This is where we explore the current trends in consumer buying activity and how businesses can harness this information to deliver greater search results and stay ahead of the competition.

2024: Trends In Consumer Behaviour

Consumer trends have been evolving since the dawn of time. We’ve certainly progressed from the days when searching through the alphabetised listings in the Yellow Pages before setting foot inside a store to begin our buyer journey!

Back then, the purchasing process was a lot simpler. It was very localised and reliant on physical interactions, compared to the vast digital landscape we see today. In 2024, the possibilities for sourcing consumer products and services are much more extensive and the buyer journey starts well before a customer steps into a shop or browses a website.

Google remains a popular choice for finding what you need online – especially for more mature audiences. BUT, we are seeing a shift in the way younger consumers search online – they are developing a new preference for sourcing information, products and services. Turning towards video-dominated platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Gen Z are using these spaces very much like a search engine.

The Rise Of Video Content

People like video. That makes sense, right?

It is entertaining and easy to consume, particularly as our attention spans shorten – most of us can’t remember what we had for breakfast yesterday, but can remember a well executed and memorable video. The various digital marketing platforms have recognised this and are showing their users more videos with these latest stats to back this up:

  1. 86% of consumers spent a quarter or more of their social media time watching videos.
  2. Half of TikTok users bought something after watching a TikTok LIVE.
  3. 90% of marketers say that video marketing has given them a good ROI.
  4. 88% of video marketers say that video has helped their audience understand their products and services better.
  5. 87% of video marketers say video has helped them generate leads and 87% say that video has directly increased sales.
  6. 66% of marketers say video has helped decrease the number of support queries received.

So, what do all these stats mean for your business?

A staggering 89% of consumers want to see more videos from their favourite brands in 2024, so let’s give them what they want!

(Stats References: Sprout Social, Wyzowl, Search Engine Journal, Retail Dive)

Video Is The Most Influential Medium To Invest In Right Now

The results don’t lie, video is a super influential form of content and you would be silly not to utilise this powerful tool in your business.

The numbers tell us that video can increase your brand awareness, boost engagement from your potential customers, generate leads and sales, plus reduce the amount of time you need to put into customer queries. It’s all good news as far as we can see.

Finally, video could be the deciding factor on whether someone buys from a brand or not.

A whopping 82% of people have been convinced or influenced to buy a product or service and 77% have bought or downloaded an app after watching a video about it.

If that doesn’t convince you to get on the video bandwagon, then I don’t know what will!

Capitalise On Video or Get Left Behind

Right, we’ve just proven how powerful video can be. But, simply throwing some clips on your social channels is not going to have the customers breaking down your door! You need to make sure you are using the kind of videos that will stop their scroll, make them pay attention and drive the desired results you want to achieve.


Our TOP Tips to Maximise on Video Content:

1. Use short-form content 🏆

With 81% of consumers expressing a preference for short-form videos from their favourite brands, it’s clear that meeting this demand can yield significant results. But, what type of video should we focus on? Research shows that 66% of viewers are likely to watch a video in its entirety if it’s under 60 seconds long.

Based on our experience however, videos around 30 seconds in length typically deliver the highest ROI. However, we recommend conducting your own tests to see what works best for your audience.

2. Have a strategy 🎯

How can you make your video content more effective, engaging or entertaining?

First, consider what you would like your audience to do when they are consuming your video? Is the video’s sole purpose to grow awareness, or convert traffic to your website to get your followers to take a specific action? Each piece of video content will look different depending on your business goal and where your ideal customer is at in the buyer journey.

Lastly, make sure you offer your audience a way to connect with your business further, because 84% of people say they’ve visited a brand’s website after watching a video ad about their products or services. Whoa!

3. Invest 💰

Investing in quality video content will generate the best ROI for your business because it builds credibility and trust with your ideal customer. A well-planned and executed video can cut through the noise of a very busy market place. This not only enhances your video’s immediate impact, but also has the potential to extend its shelf life, allowing for multiple repurposings to further improving your ROI.

No, you don’t need to hire Peter Jackson to direct, but it is crucial to combine a well-thought-out strategy with a clear plan of action for creating content that your target audience will eagerly engage with. If you’re finding this challenging, it might be time to consult the experts. 😉 (Hi!)

4. Don’t rely solely on AI or stock videos 🤖

While AI tools and stock videos have a place in advertising – especially on a budget, do not rely solely on them to create your content. Google has undertaken massive updates to refine its ranking systems which aim to reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%. So, if you intend to use these videos on your website you don’t want your videos to end up in this black hole if they are categorised as generic AI pieces!

5. Build your socials 👯‍♀️

Having great videos is one thing, but you also need to create a space to share them and a place for your audience to find you! Take the time to build a presence on the platforms where your audience hangs out. With 90% of consumers more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media and followers 75% more likely to increase their spending, the question isn’t why you should do this – it’s why haven’t you already?

6. Don’t forget 💻

Google continues to dominate organic search, especially among the boomers and many people use it to find what they need online still today. Recognising the increasing importance of video content, Google now prioritises pages that incorporate videos. Pages with supporting video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of organic search results. Strategically including video on key website and social media pages can significantly boost your visibility in Google searches.


Is It Time To Start Utilise Video?

No one can deny that video is a powerful resource for your business. It is not simply a trend, rather it is a strategic advantage for businesses who are aiming to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Take Hot Spring Spas New Zealand, for example. They saw significant benefits from effectively using video. By hiring Stacey from SO WHAT SOCIAL to target common search terms with compelling video content, they achieved remarkable results. Their ‘How to buy a spa pool‘ video boosted their webpage visits by 40% and now ranks at the top of organic (non-paid) video search results for spa pool purchases.

The investment in one video has created a noticeable increase in activity on the Hot Spring Spas website, such as people engaging with the ‘click to phone’ button and the ‘visit in store’ page.

Are you ready to enhance your results like Hot Spring Spas? Sure you are! It’s time to develop a comprehensive video strategy. SO WHAT SOCIAL helped Hot Spring Spas achieve outstanding outcomes and we’re eager to do the same for your business.

Get in touch with our expert team now to discuss how we can help you map out an effective content strategy and implementation plan. Let’s chat!