Hey, I’m Stacey
Brands pay me for my brain…

I’m not your run-of-the-mill social media manager, offering scheduling and not much else.

My non-negotiable for each client is an in-depth content strategy…and that’s before we’ve even touched the socials.

I’m not into the stab-in-the-dark approach…once the strategy’s nailed, I’ll formulate a plan based on research, data and the kind of killer instinct you get from years of marketing experience for big household brands in New Zealand.

I specialise in content strategy for social media for clever brands, offering smart, no-nonsense strategy, backed by data that finally gets your socials selling.

Your business doesn’t have to fall behind…with the right strategy, you can have a social media presence that brings in revenue with an engaged and growing online presence *refreshes follower count*.

If you’re after a straight-talking social media manager and creative strategist – who moonlights as a donut-delivery service to clients – then we might just be a match.

“One of Stacey’s key attributes is her deep understanding of business, process and systems.”

It’s rare for one person to have the breadth of knowledge of marketing brand activities and to also understand how this applies for businesses to retain and grow their customer base.”

Growth Partners, Mal Jack, General Manager