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Why are top brands going all-in on gamification and sticky content on social media?

Could this be the secret sauce to set your social engagement? (Buckle up and let’s take a closer look!)


First off, you might be asking, what the heck is sticky content?

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your feed and BAM! You hit a digital magnet. This content isn’t just catchy – it’s the online equivalent of super glue.

It delivers that quick thrill and buzz, keeping you hooked, wanting more…

Take “The Price Is Right” for example. What does this iconic game show and sticky content have in common? They bank on surprise and a massive entertainment factor to keep eyes glued to the screen and invested.

So, let’s talk about the brands we’ve seen recently who create this magnetic pull, spark the interest of new followers and create excitement and hype with their loyal fanbase.

And it’s working wonders!

So who is doing it?

FAYT THE LABEL: Spin to Win Mother’s Day Campaign

Fayt is a high energy Australian clothing brand specialising in women’s fashion, swim and activewear. Recently, they tempted their audience to engage on social media via a Mother’s Day Giveaway Campaign. It was a big success garnering heaps of entries and brand awareness.


Their Mother’s Day giveaway wasn’t just generous, it was genius. They rewarded five lucky winners while amplifying their brand buzz, growing their Facebook group and expanding their social media footprint. The element of surprise? Masterfully executed. (Oh hey… Britney!)

THE SCOPE: Nominate someone from their exclusive Fayte community to go in the draw to win a prize for Mother’s Day by tagging them on a specific Facebook post. They used multiple mediums to encourage this, such as text, image and video posts, along with reels, across their social media channels.

Here’s why it was such a hit:

  • The content maintained the usual high energy tempo their audience is used to which meant they stayed on brand and encouraged maximum return.
  • Their reach was increased by encouraging tagging, so the post reached more people.
  • The giveaway was on brand as the potential prizes were their own products, along with complementary brands they know their target audience also loves.
  • They maintained that all important element of surprise in a couple of ways. The first was announcing the winners at the end of the giveaway. Secondly, they added more suspense by using a spinning wheel to decide what each winner’s prize would be. Double surprises in one go!

Fayt managed to nail “The Price Is Right” feel with their enticing prize draw and creative method for prize winning. Their audience loved it, meaning the brand reaped the rewards of increased followers, raving fans complimenting their products and the feel-good factor of giving prizes away for Mother’s Day.

An all-round success!

Next up we have…

HINE COLLECTION: Golden Ticket Giveaway Campaign

Hine is a proudly wahine-owned and operated activewear brand that stocks a huge range of body positive sizes and ships from lil ole NZ to the world. High energy and known for embracing indigenous Maori culture, they make clothing for real women.

They slipped Golden Tickets worth $100 into random shopping bags during a sale. What did they win? Massive brand exposure, but also a boost in customer loyalty and the incentive to return and buy. Surprise + engagement was the game, and they played it well. Also, I love the team involvement in the video content.


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BREEZE BALM: What’s in the Box Campaign

Breeze Balm is a legendary lip and skincare brand that has been operating since 1950. A globally loved, Australian owned brand that is all about embracing the principles of clean, effective solutions that really work.

They shook things up with mystery beauty boxes. Priced attractively, these boxes were packed with value and backed by a sharp social strategy that included engaging reels. Result? A complete sell-out of their limited edition boxes. Whoa!



Why are these types of campaigns so successful and what are the real social and brand benefits, I hear you ask?

Well beyond offering up free prizes and entertainment – what benefits could your business enjoy if you adopted this strategy?

If you lean into The Price Is Right strategy, these are just some of the benefits:

The three marketing campaigns I just mentioned tick all the boxes by mimicking “The Price Is Right” in five key, yet extremely simple ways:

  • Instant gratification – immediate value and rewards keep the excitement alive, meaning your viewers are engaged, but you also boost sales.
  • Audience engagement – it’s about sparking real interactions in your comments section that lead to cheers, shares and likes. This not only fuels further engagement but also enhances crowd (aka audience) participation. Cha-ching!
  • Relatability and retention – (ah hello, giving your existing customer a reason to keep coming back for more!) just like the relatable contestants and desirable prizes on the show, social campaigns use real people and real reactions.
  • Creating memorable moments – just as the game show is known for its standout moments, social content needs to hook viewers in, sparking their curiosity and desire to stay engaged and stick around.

So is it time to get sticky? COME ON DOWN… 👏👏

Sticky content shares more with “The Price Is Right” than meets the eye. Both leverage surprise, engagement and memorable storytelling to captivate audiences.

Ready to create sticky content that captivates your audience? Reach out to SO WHAT SOCIAL and let us help you craft your next successful marketing campaign.

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