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How Do Men and Women Use SOcial Media Differently?

13 May

Did you know that male and female behaviour is very different when it comes to social media?

How is it different? On Facebook 62 percent of women do the bulk of sharing while YouTube os where men spend most of their time. 70 percent of Pinterest users are women and also dominate Twitter at 62 percent.

Who use more social media? Women top social media use at 71 percent compared to men at 62 percent.

This infographic created by Internet Service Providers goes into detail about the difference between the genders. Are you surprised by the results of this infographic?

battle of the sexes on social media

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The SOcial Grammys

11 Feb

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday was an impressive night of entertainment for both artists and fans. The Social Grammys’ infographic was created by activ8social. Using a social media analysis this social media infographic focuses on four awards, which correctly predicted two out of four artists. The results from this infographic were complied by nominees YouTube, Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram accounts to attempt who was running for the following: best new artist, song of the year,  record of the year, and album of the year.

Some artists may have a huge following on social media accounts in regards to followers, fans, likes, and views which  showcases their online influence but this does not directly translate into Grammys as members of the Recording Academy choose the winners.

Check out more information in this infographic below. Are you surprised at who won?

The Social Grammys Infographic

Content Rules Book

9 Feb
Content Rules Book CoverFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Blogs and other platforms give organizations and customers a “voice.” Want to learn how to create blog posts, content marketing, stories, and videos that ignite business success by cultivating fans around your service or product online? This book Content Rules helps you develop the content that people care about to achieve your online success. If you want to build a loyal customer base and establish credibility to your product, brand or service you need to read this book!

  •     Social media used properly is a great tool to get your ideas and content distributed to a wide audience.
  •     Do you want to create content that  is easy to share? You first need to find  your authentic “voice”
  •     What is your content strategy? You need to first understand why you are generating content in a easily understandable and practical way.

Content Rules helps you boost your online presence and engage with customers and prospects like never before!

The Secrets Of Beauty Revealed By The Internet

22 Jan

Are you curious about how your looks play into your social media success? HSN Beauty has created an interesting infographic below that reveals that your looks may be more important than you imagine on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

‘The Secrets Of Beauty Revealed By The Internet,’ infographic examines the internet  to learn about how beauty influences us on social media.

In accordance to HSN Beauty’s findings, YouTube is dominated by beauty subjects how-to and style section.  This study reveals that having physically attractive friends on social networking sites such as Facebook make you appear more friend- worthy and likeable.

What is really crazy about all this is how recruiters for jobs analyze your profile picture if your too old, too young, overweight, bald or even TOO beautiful!

Are you shocked by these statistics depicted in this infographic?

Via HSN Beauty

SlideShare: Content Marketing Giant

10 Jan

The world’s largest content sharing professional community online is SlideShare.

SlideShare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing, which data was collected by ComScore and this infographic was created by Colum Five Media reveals that SlideShare has 60 million visitors per month with 3 billion slide views.

SlideShare has 5 times more traffic from business owners than LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a highly professional audience. With this said it is no wonder that content marketing is the new advertising. SlideShare audience comes from search engines, social media networks and other SlideShare content.

Slideshare Quiet Giant of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Marketing Opportunity Report: Social Media, Blog & SEO

25 Dec

describe the image

It can be difficult to know if it is worth the time and money to expand the online marketing for your business and even tougher to figure out where the conversation is happening. HubSpot has gathered exciting data and developed measurement methods to help you answer: Where should YOU market online?

You have finite resources and nearly infinite possible online marketing channels. Where should your company put its marketing dollars and effort to work? Do you wonder if it is worth the effort to start a Twitter account or a Facebook page? Are you having trouble going beyond basic search engine optimization (SEO)? It can be difficult to know if it is worth the time and money to expand the online marketing for your business and even tougher to figure out where the conversation is happening.

HubSpot has gathered exciting data and developed measurement methods to help you answer:

Where should YOU market online?

This report includes industry-specific analysis on the online marketing opportunity specific for 33 industries. Download the report to find out:

  • Where do your customers talk online – search engines, blogs, or social media?
  • Which social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – do your customers use the most?
  • Where is the greatest online competition in your industry?
  • Where is your greatest opportunity to leverage the Internet to generate new business?

Online Opportunity Report

Download Online Marketing Opportunity Report  NOW!

Mario Lopez Hosts Live Google Hangout with Fans

21 Nov
Mario Lopez Hosts a Google Hangout with GoodChime!

McLean, Virginia (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

Mario Lopez Hosts a Google Hangout with GoodChime!

Through a partnership with GoodChime!, the social network that promotes healthy lifestyles, the live event is scheduled for Monday, November 26 at 4pm (EST). It will also be viewable on GoodChime’s YouTube channel and a few of the questioners will be invited to join the Hangout. The Google Hangout event will be similar to the event that the Obama administration held earlier this year where the President took live questions from citizens. Click here to learn more about the event and sign up: http://mariolopezlive.eventbrite.com/

“I’m excited to use social media to connect with fans on a personal and intimate level, but also to inspire them to life healthier lifestyles”, said Mario. “We are honored to be working with a great role model such as Mario to support his mission”, said Dr. Potarazu, founder of GoodChime!

About GoodChime!
GoodChime!(tm) is a revolutionary new social media platform where people engage in meaningful dialogue within a safe community, and participate in activities relevant to their health needs. Leveraging the power of celebrity brand, GoodChime engages consumers as active participants in better managing their health.

About Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez got his first professional role in 1984 in the series “a.k.a. Pablo”. In the late 80s and 90s, Mario was best known for portraying the character A.C. Slater on “Saved by The Bell”. Since then, he went on to star in “Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story”, “Pacific Blue”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and many others.

Mario’s acting career has taken him to a variety of roles. In 2006, he signed on to become a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars” with Karina Smirnoff where they finished second. In 2008, Mario made his Broadway debut in “A Chorus Line”. Mario went on to publish several books including “Mario Lopez Knockout Fitness”, New York Times bestseller “Extra Lean”, and “Extra Lean Family”. In December 2011, Mario also launched his own underwear line called RatedM. In addition, he is also a host for the shows “Extra”, “America’s Best Dance Crew”, “MTV’s Top Pop Group”, etc.

Giving back remains one of Mario’s top priorities. He is a spokesperson for charities including the Community Youth Athletic Center in San Diego where Mario grew up, The Ronald McDonald House, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Eva’s Heroes, Boys & Girls Clubs of America where he is currently the Alumni Ambassador of Fitness, and others. Mario continues to work on many projects, including a wedding ceremony special that will air on TLC in the winter.

MotorCycle Direct Connect via the Social Media Scene

23 Aug

(PRWEB UK) 23 August 2012

The addition of social media to MotorCycle Direct’s portfolio aims to provide customers with alternative channels that are simple and quick to access when contacting the motorcycle insurer. MCD’s Marketing Manager Clare Base praised the progress stating that ‘the addition of social networks to our communication strategy is a huge step towards a closer community of happy bikers. We want to engage our customers honestly and effectively and social media will be pivotal in helping us achieve this.’

MCD’s presence on the most popular of social mediums – Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube will enable users to access vast quantities of information including, but not limited to, motorcycle reviews, events and competitions. Direct links enable users to obtain hassle free insurance quotes from the MCD website and the many helpful hints and tips provide great advice on topics such as how to keep insurance premiums low and how to provide basic first aid in an emergency.

Each month there are competitions to win biking accessories, such as this months’s motorcycle meta alarm, all of which are publicised on MCD’s social media pages. Simply following MCD before 30th September on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter enters users into a competition to win a motorcycle kit worth £250!
There are many advantages to becoming a fan of MCD through the various channels. Facebook fans will receive regular updates and offers that aren’t available to anyone else, whilst Twitter’s short but snappy updates will keep followers abreast of the latest happenings in the motorcycle world.

Upon joining Google+’s circle, members will find some longer posts that include exciting reviews and blogs from MCD’s team of bloggers, Steve, Andy and Craig. For example, one recent post previews this year’s Goodwood Revival and using a bit of legacy knowledge points out the sure to be highlights of the weekend. Notifications of posts are sent directly to member’s inbox’s for convenience.

With so many new and exciting mediums available to connect with customers, MCD would like to take the opportunity to encourage users to also contribute to these pages. Questions are frequently posed on all three channels to help bikers get involved with the thriving and constantly growing communities.

Whichever mode of communication is preferred there is a team of MCD professionals waiting to make biking easier and more enjoyable. Get in touch now by calling, requesting a call back, filling in the online quotation form or now by using Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!

More Information

Google +


Revolutionary e-commerce site is the perfect marriage of Gen Y’s two favorite things: technology and shopping

15 Aug

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/

Traditional retailers ought to be shaking in their platform stilettos.  Today’s young, trendy shoppers are going straight to where their favorite “haulers” are taking them, a new online ecommerce site where they can share their fashion finds, HaulerDeals.

A “hauler” is a fashion or beauty guru that reveals her latest finds with an audience on YouTube. These hauler videos have hundreds of millions of views.  That translates into a lot of trendanistas clamoring for the goods.

“YouTube vloggers posting their latest shopping finds aren’t just sharing recommendations with close friends,” said Todd Pollak, industry director, retail for Google. “They’re sharing with an audience of thousands of subscribers and millions of views.”

According to a recent study by Google and Compete, nearly one in three shoppers uses YouTube to shop for apparel, with video driving 37 percent of shoppers to an online store.  Thirty-eight percent of Millenials are likely to rely on video to fuel their apparel shopping purchases.

HaulersDeals fuels them even further.  The site, which industry insiders are calling revolutionary, allows hauler-following shoppers to purchase the head-to-toe fashion and beauty looks from their favorites.  It provides a way for them to easily find and purchase the clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products from some of YouTube’s most-followed haulers.  Each week, the haulers, who have equity in the company, gather their favorite styles called “crushes” from partner brands, and the site offers them at a discount off suggested retail prices.  Items generally sell for less than $100.

It’s an understatement to say HaulerDeals keeps up with the most fashion-forward trends, a benefit to the look-hungry customers, who are mostly teen and 20-something women who love bargains.  It also provides an enormous amount of awareness and exposure for the featured brands to this highly sought-after demographic.

“The brand exposure is huge. That’s what makes haulers and hauling exciting for us,” said Steve Hagstrom, vice president and general merchandise manager for lifestyle brand, Standards & Practices. “HaulerDeals is shaping a new retail model. Its fashion gurus help customers put together ‘their look’ and buy it online.”

“This is an amazing marketing tool for brands because it promotes them to the haulers’ followers who might not be familiar with them,” said Andrea Plsek, vice president of merchandising and brand development for HaulerDeals.  Plsek is a 15-year veteran of the fashion industry who has managed one of the top showrooms in Los Angeles and New York and launched retail faves Black Halo and House of Harlow 1960.  She currently negotiates the deals and discounts with brands that appear on HaulerDeals.

“It hits the right 15- to 25-year-old age demographic,” Plsek said, “and it leads them to items they can’t find in department stores. They might be able to find them in boutiques, but not at the prices they’ll see on HaulerDeals.”

The site integrates Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and image-tagging technology to direct traffic from the haulers’ sites to its own.  In its first three days, it counted more than 600,000 views and 120,000 unique visitors.  HaulerDeals already has over 100,000 Facebook likes since its mid-June launch.

Women’s Wear Daily says HaulerDeals is putting the power of YouTube personalities to drive sales to the test. Industry watchers say it’s passing that test—and then some. HaulerDeals’ sales projections are expected to surpass established traditional online stores like REVOLVEclothing, BoutiqueToYou and Singer22.

“The most interesting wrinkle is that the company is not relying on advertising to drive revenue,” wrote Michael Carney of start-up groundbreaker PandoDaily.  “It’s building a social commerce engine by letting people buy the clothes, accessories, makeup, and jewelry products that the gurus promote in its videos.”

The company was seeded with $1 million in financing from Intelligent Beauty.  IB is the parent company to fashion, cosmetics, and diet system e-commerce heavies JustFab, DermStore, Blush.com, and Sensa.

HaulerDeals founder and CEO Kenn Henman, a 12-year veteran of fashion PR, says the site will change how small fashion brands do business.

“It doesn’t have the high customer acquisition costs associated with most e-commerce firms due to the existing audiences of the YouTubers involved,” Henman said. “HaulerDeals is well on its way to becoming the next power influencer with online shoppers.”

It has also become a power force for the haulers, further increasing their value to the brands they hawk.  It’s moved hauler darlings, including Dulce Candy, Holly Ann-AeRee, ThatsHeart, ItsJudyTime, XSparkage, and Sccasteneda—from girls who get home from the mall and empty their shopping bags for the camera to a critical fashion marketing force.

“A lot of viewers tell me they find stuff that they never would have found,” said Dulce Candy, a fashion and beauty guru whose YouTube channel, DulceCandy87, has more than 660,000 subscribers and whose videos have been watched nearly 150 million times.  HaulerDeals “allows online personalities to show off their latest hauls, and [they] can be purchased from one direct site.”

Says Los Angeles television station KTLA:  “These young trendsetters are sending retail sales through the roof.

To view this video on YouTube, please visit: http://youtu.be/EYke5yTyKes

Media Contact: Kenn Henman, HaulerDeals, +1-323-962-0204, kenn@haulerdeals.com

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: https://ireach.prnewswire.com

SOURCE: HaulerDeals
PR Newswire

How To Go Viral On YouTube: The Untold Truth Behind Getting Views

10 Aug

How To Go Viral On YouTube: The Untold Truth Behind Getting Views. Read: http://ow.ly/cRVfb #YouTube #viral #socialmedia


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