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What Social Means to the Finance Industry

3 Jan


On January 9th, 11AM (PST) HootSuite Enterprise is pleased to host an interview with Jason Maynard, Senior Technology Analyst with Wells-Fargo, discussing the emerging use of Social Media in the financial field. 

Social media has changed the face of modern business. Its rapid growth has challenged industry sectors to adapt their business strategies to suit the accessible, laissez-faire style of communication and knowledge-sharing expected of social presence.

Jason Maynard of Wells Fargo

Jason Maynard of Wells Fargo

The finance industry is a great example of a traditional business that has been challenged to integrate social in a way that is simultaneously forward-thinking and true to its medium. The freshness of social in the modern market is both an opportunity and a detriment: there is no formula for success. New sectors that experiment with social media does so with little hard data or history. Social pioneers within each industry must ask and assess:

  • How will we establish the role of social in this industry?
  • What kind of data is meaningful with regard to building an effective social strategy?
  • What kinds of tools and networks will be most effective for our goals?
  • How can our data be best leveraged and integrated to maximize social ROI?

Join Jason Maynard, Senior Technology Analyst with Wells-Fargo, for an interview with our Enterprise team that explores the emerging role of social media in the finance industry. Drawing on his experience with the convergence of Internet practices and industry application, Jason and HootSuite will discuss how social will change the finance industry’s approach to business and marketing.

This Enterprise webinar will take place on January 9th, 2013, at 11AM PST.

Cheat Sheets for the Social Marketer

17 Dec

Become an expert in all the major social channels! Quickly learn all the most important strategies and success metrics for each one, as well as how to drive leads, optimize and automate your social activities, and much more. The series includes separate cheat sheets for:

  • Twitter: Discover how to identify influencers and build brand affinity
  • Facebook: Learn best practices and how to build relationships with your prospects
  • LinkedIn: What you need on your company page and how to leverage connections
  • Blogging: How to optimize your content mix for lead generation and thought leadership
  • Google+: What you need to know to take advantage of this emerging social space
  • Pinterest & Instagram: How marketers from every industry can best utilize these highly visual social networks

Download Social Marketing Success NOW!

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

16 Nov

HootSuite’s Solution Partners Program, a program designed for agencies and consultancies looking to demonstrate social leadership by introducing clients to HootSuite, is hosting a webinar geared towards agencies and consultancies who want to improve their clients’ use of social media for businesses.

Aki Kaltenbach

Join HootSuite’s Director of Solution Partners, Aki Kaltenbach and our resident social media consultant, Kemp Edmonds as they walk through the how-to’s of effectively evaluating social media strategies as well as best practices for social engagement in different types of social networks.

How to Conduct a Rapid Social Media Audit Webinar: Thursday, November 22nd 10am – 11am (PST)

Register Here for Webinars

No matter what size agency or consultancy you are, this webinar will help you effectively evaluate and assess your existing and potential clients’ social media strategies. Discover the best practices on how to conduct a rapid social media audit, which will allow you to generate new revenue through strategic planning and execution of social media campaigns.

Webinar highlights include:

  • Step-by-step guide to conducting a social media audit for potential clients.
  • Do’s & Don’ts for engaging in social media.
  • Tips on how HootSuite can help improve your social strategy.

Register for How to Conduct a Social Media Audit to explore how your agency can help drive value around social on behalf of both your existing and future clients.

SOURCE: HootSuite


SOcial Media Analytics: Guide To Measuring The ROI Of Your SOcial Strategy

28 Dec

Social Media Analytics Guide To Measuring The ROI Of Your Social Strategy

SOcial Media Analytics: Guide To Measuring The ROI Of Your SOcial Strategy


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