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The Secrets Of Beauty Revealed By The Internet

22 Jan

Are you curious about how your looks play into your social media success? HSN Beauty has created an interesting infographic below that reveals that your looks may be more important than you imagine on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

‘The Secrets Of Beauty Revealed By The Internet,’ infographic examines the internet  to learn about how beauty influences us on social media.

In accordance to HSN Beauty’s findings, YouTube is dominated by beauty subjects how-to and style section.  This study reveals that having physically attractive friends on social networking sites such as Facebook make you appear more friend- worthy and likeable.

What is really crazy about all this is how recruiters for jobs analyze your profile picture if your too old, too young, overweight, bald or even TOO beautiful!

Are you shocked by these statistics depicted in this infographic?

Via HSN Beauty

The State of Small Business in 2013

12 Jan

What’s in store for small business this year? This survey conducted by AWeber of 3,000 small businesses mom- and-pop stores from across the globe finds that small business are “cautiously optimistic” about 2013.

67% planned to increase their marketing spending in 2013 and are embracing social media. Some 72 percent of small business owners plan to be seen on blogs like Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger and to increase their social presents on social networking sites such as Facebook with 70%, Google+ with 50%, Twitter with 58% and LinkedIn with 49%

State of Small Business in 2013

Via AWeber

World Map of Social Networks

10 Jan

A new edition of Vincenzo Cosenza World Map of Social Networks for December 2012, showcasing the most popular social networking sites by country as reported by Alexa traffic data. Facebook still reigns supreme globally with 1 billion active users in 127 out of 137 countries that were analyzed, Facebook has established the leadership position.

World Map of Social Networks December 2012

LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Members

10 Jan

LinkedIn announced that it has crossed the 200 million members mark, adding on average two new members every second of the day. With representation in more than 200 countries, the professional social network serves members in 19 languages around the world.

LinkedIn social media network developed an infographic to mark this achievement below:

LinkedIn 200 Members

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Barack Obama Head-to-Head in Internet Popularity

30 Dec
Obama, Bieber, Rihanna - Popularity

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) December 30, 2012

In recent weeks, PopTrending.com has observed a three-way convergence of the popularity trends of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Barack Obama. They each hold prevalent scores in News, Social Media, and Web popularity. Currently, Barack Obama is holding-on to a narrow lead with Bieber and Rihanna trailing close behind.

President Obama dominated the news at the height of the election in November, and had a considerable presence in the blogosphere and on social networking sites. However, in early December, as post-election news coverage waned, and campaign staff tapered off their efforts to pump-up the President’s social media trends, pop sensation Justin Bieber briefly surpassed Obama’s long-held lead as the most popular person in PopTrending.com’s daily ranks.

Obama quickly regained his position, mainly as a result of News coverage of the fiscal cliff, but currently appears to be dipping back down to levels where he may once again be overtaken. In the meantime, superstar singer and actress Rihanna has surged in recent PopTrending.com ranks and is now well-situated in the number two slot, bumping Bieber down to number three.

Rihanna is by the far the most popular public figure on Facebook with over 65 million Likes, adding an average of 53,000 new Likes per day this month. Of the three, Justin Bieber has the strongest Twitter following, with over 32 million followers, recently adding an average of 35,000 new followers per day. Obama currently has approximately 35.5 million Likes on Facebook, and just over 25 million Twitter followers.

President Obama continues to dominate the news with his name appearing in an average of nearly 100,000 online news reports every day this month, compared to approximately 11,000 for Justin Bieber, and just under 10,000 for Rihanna.

As the year 2012 comes to a close, it is difficult to predict which of these pop culture icons will prevail in this tight race to top PopTrending.com’s daily rankings of the most famous people. Stay tuned for updates as we enter the New Year to see who ends up on top.

PopTrending.com uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate daily popularity scores for hundreds of celebrities and famous public figures based on dozens of metrics including frequency of appearance in the news, activity on social networking sites, popularity in search engines, and presence in popular web content.

For more information on please visit http://poptrending.com.

Quote startJustin Bieber briefly surpassed Obama’s long-held lead as the most popular personQuote end

Your Guide to Video Search Engine Optimization

30 Dec

Who? Visual Content is the “New King”

What? Your Guide to Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When? Start your Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) today!

Why? Video optimization ranks high in search queries on search engines which include videos in universal search results. Videos are more engaging and spread MORE in less time.

How? Allow sharing on social networking sites such as Google+,  LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Flickr & Twitter to name a few.

Your Guide to Video Search Engine Optimization


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