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Google+ Facts & Figures

14 Jan

Google+ is a social media network  –that is relatively new and underused. Check how fast Google+ grows, their users and who they like the most with this useful infographic by website-monitoring.com. This infographic pulls together some of the major facts and figures of Google+ including the top countries, occupations, history, facts, people, pages, brands, media, & services.

Google+ Facts and Figures [INFOGRAPHIC]

SOcial Media 101

8 Jan

What is SOcial Media?

Social Media Use in the Bathroom Survey

11 Dec
Quote startThis means that out of the 121.1 billion minutes spent on social media in just one month, a chunk of them were likely spent sat on the toilet…Quote end

Colme, Lancashire (PRWEB UK) 11 December 2012

Social media is becoming a large part of young adult’s lives, so much so that one in three people have admitted to using social media whilst using the bathroom. It seems that bathrooms are no longer precious moments of solitude and instead are being used to catch up on such ‘important’ matters as looking at photos from a busy weekend of partying.

A recent survey undertaken by Boundary Bathrooms coincides with another new study, conducted in the USA by the Nielsen company, discovered that a third (32%) of people aged 18-24 were active on social media during bathroom visits. This means that out of the 121.1 billion minutes spent on social media in just one month a chunk of them were likely spent sat on the toilet. With over 61% of UK adults now using social media the results in the UK are likely to be similar, although you might not find many people that are willing to admit it.

Boundary Bathrooms own results closely resemble those obtained in the above study; with 40% of users in the age range of 18-25 partaking in social media whilst in the bathroom.

Thomas Mulrooney, marketing assistant at top internet bathroom retailer Boundary Bathrooms, decided to comment on the study: “If I’m being honest I would definitely be part of that statistic! I suppose it’s no different than taking in a book or magazine to read while you do your business, except that I doubt your friends would want to know if you were talking to them while also being sat on the toilet. I’m not surprised by these findings at all, in fact I once knew someone who would answer calls and respond to text messages by reaching for his phone when he was in the shower. It was quite amusing when he couldn’t seem to figure out why his phone finally gave up and broke though, so I’d recommend leaving your phone alone in these situations!”

Accessing social media on our mobile phones, inside and outside of the bathroom, is part of a growing trend of phones being used for all our daily activities; particularly shopping. This is an area that Boundary Bathrooms is obviously most interested in, and with one survey suggesting that 91% of consumers use their mobile phones for at least a part of the shopping process – whether it be simply researching shower enclosures or going further and buying one – it’s an area that the company is keen to tap into.

“We’ve seen a massive increase in our customers using their mobiles to arrive at our site” explained Joanne Butterworth, marketing manager at Boundary Bathrooms. “Approximately 17% of our annual traffic now arrives through some sort of mobile device, including both mobile phones and tablets. We’ve noticed a whopping 129.99% increase in mobile visitors compared to the same annual period in 2011, so it’s definitely an area that we’re concentrating on through improving and streamlining the customers experience when they use a mobile device.”

Boundary Bathrooms is also seeing increased engagement on their own social media pages, with their following and interactions growing steadily over the last few months. To get involved with the latest news and updates from the Boundary crew, head on over to their Twitter page.

Boundary Bathrooms has been supplying bathroom products for 65 years and has become thoroughly established in the online bathroom retail sector. Through their website they supply thousands of baths, basins, showers, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories and more. They have been owned by The Grafton Group Plc, one of the largest builder’s merchants in Europe, since 2007. Recently the company has also become part of Online Home Retail Limited, joining the same group of websites that includes bathroom giant Plumbworld Ltd.

Boundary Bathrooms explore the new craze for accessing social media in the bathroom

Marketing Online Magazine (MOM)

9 Aug

San Diego, CA — (SBWIRE) — 08/08/2012

Thousands of online entrepreneurs are flocking to the new Marketing Online Magazine website to get the latest insights, news and information on the world of online marketing. Designed for the aspiring entrepreneur looking for a way into the world of Internet marketing without expensive lessons, Marketing Online Magazine (MOM) is filled with articles, news, events and more.

While the world of internet marketing can be highly lucrative, learning how to market online successfully can be both expensive and elusive. The recent launch of the new Marketing Online Magazine website is quickly filling the void with the vital information that internet entrepreneurs need at no cost. “Driving traffic to an internet business website and then making it sell is a very involved hands-on process,” said Marketing Online Magazine Publisher/Editor Henry Aldrete. “We created this publication to help entrepreneurs to better understand that process so that they can make better use of the Internet as a marketing vehicle for their products and services.”

With 45 to 50 pages of valuable monthly content in PDF format, readers are immersed in the best online source for tips, tools, and techniques for successful marketing online. Featured articles focus on all issues related to marketing online while the marketing product/service videos, reviews, news, events, tools and expert interviews bring greater depth to the reader’s breadth of knowledge.

While the website and the publication is free and open to everyone, those that sign up as subscribers get free access to a wealth of additional content and products that help entrepreneurs intent on Marketing a small business online. The additional content includes more than 60 specific how-to videos on Internet Marketing and a massive 100,000 PLR article library. In addition, subscribers get 23 WordPress videos, 26 complete WordPress themes plus 33 plugins and three free Professional Silver-Level Memberships with more being added every month. “We believe that even though Marketing Online Magazine is free, it is one of the best investments that an internet age entrepreneur will ever make,” said Aldrete.

The August issue, which is available right now, has an interview with small business expert, Roger Pierce, the Co-founder of BizLaunch.com. The current issue also has a number of insightful feature articles including “How To Take Good Care Of Your Affiliates And Make More Money,” as well as “Building An Internet Home Business” and other great articles for internet marketers. Readers will also find the regular sections such as the MOM Success Story, Ask the Expert, Gadgets and Toys as well as many other helpful, informative and entertaining sections. For more information, please visit http://www.marketingonlinemagazine.net

About MarketingOnlineMagazine.net
The new website is dedicated to educating the new internet marketer with tips, tools and techniques for successful marketing online. The free PDF-format magazine features a wealth of informative and entertaining feature articles and interviews as well as the latest news, events and product reviews. With signup for a free subscription, readers get a wealth of additional free content and products such as how-to videos, a massive 100.000 PLR library as well as WordPress videos, themes, plugins and much more.


Professors & Social Media

21 Apr

Professors & Social Media - Best Colleges Online

Professors & Social Media


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