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Why a SOcial CEO?

7 May

Did you know that only one in five CEO’s have a social network account?

This inforaphic created by MBA Online goes into detail about how this could have a negative impact on business.

What do you think about this? Should all CEOs get SOcial? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inside the mind of a social CEO [Infographic]

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Google+ Facts & Figures

14 Jan

Google+ is a social media network  –that is relatively new and underused. Check how fast Google+ grows, their users and who they like the most with this useful infographic by website-monitoring.com. This infographic pulls together some of the major facts and figures of Google+ including the top countries, occupations, history, facts, people, pages, brands, media, & services.

Google+ Facts and Figures [INFOGRAPHIC]

SOcial Media Report Cards: The Winners & Losers of SOcial Media in 2012

12 Jan

2012 was the year for social media. The altering social media landscape in 2012 changed the way marketers approached their work, from market research, various social media accounts to  lead generation which will likely have an even bigger impact in 2013.

Pardot has created the following infographic to evaluate major social network’s including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Goolge+, LinkedIn performance in 2012. This infographic goes into detail about these networks growth in the last year, monthly visitors and estimated marketing ROI (return on marketing investment).

SOcial Media Report Cards [INFOGRAPHIC]


27 Dec

As Facebook navigates the social world, privacy has frequently been this kind of one-step-forward, one-step-sideways dance. This infographic represents a very short list of privacy fails over the social network’s short life:

facebook privacy fail infographic

Best of the Web, Delivered: The Reddit Manual

26 Dec
subscribe Best of the Web, Delivered: The Reddit Manual
Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you?

They’re probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet”. This site, essentially a collection of links, is your key to finding the best things on the web.It can also be confusing to use at first. Good thing there’s Best of the Web, Delivered: The Reddit Manual. This guide, by author Dave LeClair, outlines everything you need to know in order to get the most out of Reddit. Reddit covers every type of subject imaginable, and with their system of voting on pieces of content you will know right away that what you are seeing is the best content around, according to thousands of other Reddit users. It can be hard to find quality content on the Internet. Reddit eliminates this problem by letting users sort through the mess and find only the best.Their Reddit manual outlines everything you need to get the most out of this social news site, and is absolutely free to download. Also with this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf.

Download Your Reddit Manual NOW!

Social Media Background Checks Now Provided Through Inteligator Search

25 Dec
Social Media Security | Background Checks Online


Quote startOver one billion public records now exist in the company database.Quote end

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) December 25, 2012

The Inteligator.com company now provides access to its database of billions of records online to the public. A new feature that can be used through this search company is a social media background check. One feature that social media companies lack is a security detail that provides more public information about user accounts.

A person can now conduct a check for criminal histories, arrest records, marriage records and other public records that are typically used to deliver this usable data.

Over one billion public records now exist in the company database and these records can be searched online. This new public access feature is designed to provide useful information to researchers that cannot find this data elsewhere online.

The Inteligator website provides secure access to its search system that is linked across national databases for data. A person with a criminal record that moves into a new state can still be located through this criminal search system if the public data is available. These security features are for private use and are not a substitute for employment related reviews.

An unlimited search feature is now added to the usable tools online. This tool provides both monthly and annual plans to make it an affordable option to adults. Apart from the background checks that are offered, a complete range of other helpful data can be accessed through the company system. Marriage and death records, property records, people trace services and other records can be located and printed through the new online system.

A preliminary search to provide a foundation for an in-depth report can be accessed on this page of the Inteligator website. This preliminary search tool provides the first point of reference that any adult researcher can use to discover if matches for names, phone numbers and other data exist in the company database.

About Inteligator Search

The Inteligator Search service is a new search tool that searches over one billion public records online. These records include marriage records, divorce records, sex offender records, criminal records, phone numbers and other information that could be useful to businesses or individuals trying to verify data through Inteligator Search online. This company website was originally launched in 2009 and frequent database updates are made to ensure that all data that is presented is as accurate as possible. The searchable database for this company can be used by any adult with an Internet connection or mobile device.

#Twitter Following

18 Dec


Poll: Nearly Half of Recruiters Don’t Use SOcial Media

13 Nov
Top Echelon Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch

According to Top Echelon Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch, using social media sites to screen candidates is not a top priority for recruiters.

Quote startAs you can see, only 14% of the recruiters in this poll screen candidates using social media all of the time.Quote end

Social media and employment have become synonymous for job seekers in today’s marketplace. That’s because more and more companies are using social media as a way to screen potential candidates for their job openings.

But do executive recruiters do the same thing, and if they do, how often do they do it?

According to a recent poll conducted by Top Echelon Network, an elite network of highly specialized search firms, nearly half of Network recruiters indicated that they don’t use social media sites to screen candidates.

As part of that poll, Top Echelon Network asked the following question: “Do you use social media sites to screen candidates?”

The most popular answer was “No, I do not,” which was chosen by 43% of poll participants. Over a quarter of recruiters (25.2%) selected “Yes, every once in a while.”

In addition, 17.8% opted for “Yes, some of the time,” and the remaining 14% of recruiters chose “Yes, all the time” as their answer.

According to Top Echelon Communications Coordinator Matt Deutsch, while using social media as a screening tool has been scrutinized again and again in the media, recruiters aren’t necessarily the ones who are doing so.

“As you can see, only 14% of the recruiters in this poll screen candidates using social media all of the time,” said Deutsch. “For other recruiters, it’s just a ‘once in a while’ thing, and nearly half of these recruiters never use social media as a screening tool.

“While candidates should certainly monitor their social media accounts to ensure that they’re branding themselves in a positive fashion, recruiters are looking for candidates who have the skills, experience, and expertise that their clients want—regardless of what they may or may not have posted on Facebook.”

Top Echelon Network was founded in 1988 in Canton, Ohio.


How to Increase your Twitter Followers

3 Nov


Be a resource for news and topics covered in your industry. Add value and you are guaranteed to grow your followers on Twitter. How? By sharing advice, news, tips, Q&A, press releases, events, infographics to name a few.

2. Don’t Sell

Nobody likes getting sold to on Social Media sites. By doing so you will not gain any new followers and have a good chance of loosing your current followers on Twitter.

3. Don’t Spam

Spam is a turnoff in the Social Media industry and nobody seeks to read it and may report you on Twitter.

4. Be Personal

Being personal and transparent on Social Media is the key to success. The more transparent are real you are people can connect and identify themselves with you.

5. Be Active

Being more active with quality engagement, content and conversations will increase your chances of showing up in searches or be seen by other followers on Twitter who have had a conversation with you or have retweeted your prior posts. Make sure to thank your followers for following you and retweeting your posts either by tweet or personal message.

6. Be SOcial

Be SOcial! Engage with people if they tweet you by tweeting back to them. It is a known statistic that when you reply to a conversation with people on Twitter they are 2X likely to follow you.


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