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Effective “Big Data” Management = Successful Online Marketing

8 May

Big Data Straight Ahead

Speaker: Shaun Siler, Senior Sales Manager, Searchmetrics

Tuesday, May 14, 2013- 1:00 PM EDT

Do you feel like the management of your vast amounts of data has gotten out of hand? Multiple data sets from disparate sources are what is now called “Big Data.” Search rankings, site visits, and click-data, when assimilated in an organized fashion can illustrate a path to the success of online marketing strategies, as well as consumer behavior and demography.

Learn how to prepare your internet marketing campaigns to realize long-term successful data analysis and informative reporting.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create a data management plan
  • How to identify unique challenges and problems that can occur with large data sets
  • How data influences marketing strategy
  • How to drill down large data sets to really analyze what’s working and what’s not

This webcast is sponsored by:


Using Crowdsourcing to Slash Marketing Costs

12 Feb

Did you know  that with Crowdsourcing, you could increase your marketing budget by 25%, 50% or even 75% at no additional cost? Crowdsourcing is a new and powerful tool that is ofter misunderstood by many. Crowdsourcing is an effective method for increasing your marketing ROI and expanding your marketing with no additional costs.

Join us for an exclusive webinar for the Social Media Marketing Community.

Want to discover practical steps to reduce the costs of your current marketing efforts with a new work process called crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing has changed the way the world’s largest brands process work by getting crowds of people to work on projects as needed. Crowdsourcing cuts marketing costs while speeding up innovation.

You will learn how crowdsourcing will help you:

– Reduce your content marketing costs up to 75%
– Improve the quality of your marketing materials
– Develop products that sell out
– Increase the output of fresh new online marketing content
– Tap into specialized crowds

Hosted by:
David Bratvold, the foremost expert on crowdsourcing & founder of Daily Crowdsource. During this webinar he will fully explains the basic concepts of crowdsorcing and how it can help YOU cut your marketing costs in half. Want to know the 5 most common uses of crowdsourcing? This free training webinar will do just that.


5 ways to slash your marketing costs with crowdsourcing
Register for Crowdsourcing Now!

Why Invest in SOcial Media Marketing?

1 Feb

With Facebook having over a billion  users, Twitter with 500 million, followed by LinkedIn with 150 million on and last but not least Pinterest the fastest growing social media network with 11 million users, online marketing is key to target these users.

Want to connect with customers? Use social media marketing to build your customer base and and share your information with them using social media as an interactive forum. Social media networking has become a preferred medium by online marketers.

Social media data:

  •  On Facebook alone 5.3 Billion pieces of contest is shared every week.
  • In 2011, there were 3X more users on social media sites than email.
  • 53% of active social media site users follow brands.

This infographic was created by Socialkia on ‘Why Invest In Social Media Marketing’ with some interesting statistics below.

Why invest in social media (infographic)

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Search and Deploy: The B2B Marketing Trends of 2012

29 Jan

If your looking for marketing advice the world of marketing is full of websites, blogs and platforms. What does this mean for you? Ease of use to find strategies, procedures,  ideas and proven systems that will guide you to marketing success. Having no content marketing equal to no marketing presence and that’s a fundamental requirement for a successful marketing campaigns.

This infographic called “Search and Deploy: B2B Online Marketing Trends in 2012”created by Optify based on their 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report highlights some of the interesting data points that were found during analysis and creation of the report.

I found these findings to be interesting:

  • 34 percent of leads were direct, 26.5 percent were from organic search and 12.5 percent were from referrals
  • For B2B websites organic search was the top driver of traffic
  • For B2B websites email at 2.8p percent was the channel with the highest conversion rate,  Engagement page rates per visit  at 3.81were the highest with branded search. (3.81 page views per visit)
  • B2B social media leads were mostly from Twitter at 82 percent followed by Facebook and LinkedIn at 9 percent.

The trends in B2B marketing in 2012 were analyzed by 62 million website visitors, 215 million page views which lead to over 350,000 leads from US based businesses both in small and mid- sized companies.

What are your experiences in 2012? Does this infographic fit with your own experience?

Organic Search Remains King In B2B (Infographic) image Infographic Optify 2012 B2B marketing benchmark report

SEO Top Trumps: Know the Industry. Know Who To Follow

26 Jan

The Internet is filled with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, with all this information how do you know what is timely, relevant, what is valuable and the top industry experts to follow.

This“SEO Top Trumps: Know the Industry. Know Who To Follow” designed by Wildfire Digital goes into detail about who to follow on social media profiles. Want to improve your online marketing success? Follow these SEO veterans on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook ,Pinterest and learn from the best.

Are there any other SEO professionals that were not included in this infographic that are worth following?

SEO Top Trumps

25 Best Marketing Conferences 2013

13 Jan

25 Best Marketing Conferences 2013

The best marketing conferences to attend in 2013.  Feel free to add in any additional conferences we left out for 2013 in the comments section below.

  1. Social Media Strategies Conference February 5-7 in Las Vegas, NV, Chicago in April and New York in June
  2. Online Marketing Summit February 11-13 in San Diego, CA and Fall, 2013 in New York, NY
  3. Marketing Sherpa E-Mail Summit February 19-22 in Las Vegas, NV
  4. SXSW Interactive March 8-12 in Austin, TX
  5. Digital Media Summit March 19-20 Toronto, ON
  6. Search Engine Strategies (SES) March 25-28 in New York, NY and September 10-14 in San Francisco, CA
  7. Inbound Marketing Summit April 3-4 in New York, NY
  8. Ad:Tech Digital Marketing Conference April 9-10 in San Francisco
  9. DemandCon April 15-16 in San Francisco, CA and October in Boston, MA
  10. Forrester Forum for Marketing Leadership  April 18-19 in Los Angeles, CA
  11. World Social Marketing Conference April 21-23 in Toronto, ON
  12. B2B Content2Conversion April 22-23 in New York, NY
  13. iStrategy Global Digital & Social Media Conference April 23 -24 in Miami, FL
  14. Event Marketing Summit  May 6-8 in Chicago, IL
  15. Sirius Decisions 2013 May 8-10 in San Diego, CA
  16. Business Marketing Association May 29-31 in Chicago, IL
  17. Confab Content Strategy conference June 3-5 in Minneapolis, MN
  18. SES Toronto June 12-14 in Toronto, ON
  19. Inbound Marketing Movement August 19-22 in Boston, MA
  20. Content Marketing World 2013 Sept 9-12 in Cleveland, OH
  21. Brand ManageCamp Sept 16-17 in Las Vegas, NV
  22. ANA: Master of Marketing Conference October 3-6 in Phoenix, AZ
  23. MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum October 10-11 in Boston, MA
  24. Direct Marketing Association October 12-17 in Chicago, IL
  25. Pivot Conference October 15-16 in New York, NY

Link Building Anatomy Infographic

13 Jan

Useful infographic by TechWyse which clearly explains about the latest trends of Link building to enhance your internet marketing strategy with content marketing, videos and images.

This infographic demonstrates various link building techniques that are ever-evolving  to help you get noticed online and on social media that can positively influence your search engine rankings.

Link Building Anatomy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Top 10 Tips for Online Reputation in 2013

4 Jan

San Diego, California (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

2013 has arrived, and with it comes advice with how to best handle an online reputation in the new year. The following advice has been provided by Walter Halicki, the founder and CEO of online reputation experts JW Maxx Solutions. These top 10 tips for online reputation in 2013 are sure to be of integral use in your business or organization.

1. Manage your brand.
Your brand is the first line of communication between a company and its customer. Making sure that a business is in proper order is the first way to progress a reputation online.

2. Stay aware of what is being said about you.
Be watchful over words that are directed towards your company. It is easy to be enlightened by praise, but do not allow that to cloud negativity that could exist elsewhere.

3. Keep an eye on trending searches.
Maintain a pulse on searches that are popular, especially those relevant to your field. It can make the difference between reaching your audience and being kept away from them.

4. Promote outreach with your consumer base.
Engage with your audience and attempt to understand their line of thought in regards to your product. Your online portfolio should relate to them.

5. Take action against negativity.
Never allow damaging comments to overtake your online reputation. As other top 10 tips for online reputation in 2013 explain, it is much easier to build an image than it is to recover one.

6. Create positive news.
Positive news will always shine a company in a positive light, regardless of whether or not it exists to combat harmful posts.

7. Use social media to your advantage.
Social media can assist in maintaining awareness of trends and what consumers want from a business. An online reputation that isn’t complemented by social media is far behind the reputations of competitors.

8. Search yourself.
Always be sure that search results for your company are positive. If they are not, it is time to repair the reputation of your business.

9. Aggregate.
Ensure that news is being spread to as many places as possible using aggregated sourcing. Publishing through a large distribution network will get more positive results for a reputation on the internet.

10. Stay positive.
Reiterating #6 of the top 10 tips for online reputation in 2013, a company needs to continually post positive content to stay relevant and keep a clean image on the web. Perpetually feeding positive content throughout the internet will greatly assist in managing a healthy online reputation.

Although these are the top 10 tips for online reputation in 2013, JW Maxx Solutions will continue to provide informative content on how to best manage your presence on the web throughout the year.

Online Reputation

PR News’ Digital PR Summit set for February 27 in San Francisco

4 Jan

Digital PR

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

The Digital PR Next Practices Summit brings together thought leaders and experts in digital communications to share ideas, tactics, and lessons learned in optimizing the digital platform to advance your PR efforts. Companies including Twitter, PepsiCo, Allrecipes.com, Michigan State University, Hilton Worldwide, American Heart Association, FedEx Services, Salesforce.com and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide will share their success stories and online innovations.

The summit also includes networking opportunities, breakfast, a keynote luncheon and cocktail reception.

Presented by the industry’s most trusted sources on PR and marketing – PR News — the Digital PR Next Practices Summit will address the most critical digital issues and new opportunities facing communications professionals. Panel topics include social media, crisis communications, social media policy, measurement, online communities and what to expect in 2013.

The summit is designed for all communications professionals looking to effectively leverage the latest digital communications technologies, applications and resources available online to improve their organization’s reputation, mind share and bottom line. Attendees will leave this one-day summit equipped with a smarter, more cost-effective PR plan that harnesses the power of online.

Sign up for PR News’ Digital PR Summit – the early-bird rate ends February 6, 2013.

The PR News SEO Workshop will be held the day before the Summit, on February 26 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, which is next to the Westin San Francisco. Two day packages are available when registering.

Questions: contact Marketing Coordinator, Saun Sayamonghun at saun(at)accessintel(dot)com

About PR News:
The PR News family of products includes PR News, the Platinum PR Awards, PR People Awards, the Nonprofit PR Awards and CSR Awards, The 100 Best Case Studies Book, Guidebook to Best Practices in CSR; Guidebook to Best Practices in Measurement, Crisis Management and Media Training Guidebooks and PR News Webinars.

Online Marketing Opportunity Report: Social Media, Blog & SEO

25 Dec

describe the image

It can be difficult to know if it is worth the time and money to expand the online marketing for your business and even tougher to figure out where the conversation is happening. HubSpot has gathered exciting data and developed measurement methods to help you answer: Where should YOU market online?

You have finite resources and nearly infinite possible online marketing channels. Where should your company put its marketing dollars and effort to work? Do you wonder if it is worth the effort to start a Twitter account or a Facebook page? Are you having trouble going beyond basic search engine optimization (SEO)? It can be difficult to know if it is worth the time and money to expand the online marketing for your business and even tougher to figure out where the conversation is happening.

HubSpot has gathered exciting data and developed measurement methods to help you answer:

Where should YOU market online?

This report includes industry-specific analysis on the online marketing opportunity specific for 33 industries. Download the report to find out:

  • Where do your customers talk online – search engines, blogs, or social media?
  • Which social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube – do your customers use the most?
  • Where is the greatest online competition in your industry?
  • Where is your greatest opportunity to leverage the Internet to generate new business?

Online Opportunity Report

Download Online Marketing Opportunity Report  NOW!

Free SEO Crash Course: 3-Part Video Series

13 Dec

Covering everything from SEO basics to advanced strategies.

69% of online marketers use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to drive traffic to their sites.

At this point, search engine optimization has become a must-have for anyone who wants to get found online. It’s one of the first steps you need to take before you jump into conversion optimization.

Enroll in our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) crash course to learn how to drive more traffic and leads to your business through SEO. The featured courses will provide you with actionable SEO advice on the introductory, intermediate and advanced level. With your enrollment in the course, you will get a short video course on a weekly basis until we cover our three topics below:

How to Improve
On-Page SEO
How Social Media
Impacts SEO
Featuring Guest Presenter Becca Featuring Guest Presenter Doc
Rebecca BabiczRebecca Babicz is a public relations coordinator at SEO.com. Darin BerntsonDarin “Doc” Berntson is the Social Media Manager for SEO.com.

Deep Dive Into Google’s
Algorithm Changes
Featuring Guest Presenter Preston
Preston Van DykePreston Van Dyke is the Director of search engine optimization at SEO.com.

Each course includes a short video plus oodles of best practices, action items and resources on all the SEO topics you should care about.


Rebecca Churt is HubSpot’s SEO Manager. She has been working in online marketing and SEO for the past 10 years, using both to successfully build and integrate new marketing opportunities and strategies for b2b and b2c industries.

Marketing professionals and business owners seeking SEO guidance.

Presented by

STOP Wasting Time and Money on Social Media

14 Nov

Date: November 15, 2012

Time: 01:00 PM EST
Duration: 1 hour
Host(s): MarketingSherpa

Sponsored by:

Todd Lebo

Senior Director of Content & Business Development

Matt Bailey

Founder & President
SiteLogic Marketing, Inc.

Meeting Description:

How much time and money should I spend on social media, and what can I expect?

Those are the two most consistent questions businesses ask about social media.

Feeling pressured to do something, many businesses implement social media tactics without establishing a clear strategy or expectations.

In this 60-minute webinar, Matt Bailey will offer his insight on actionable steps for those interested in developing and measuring the results of their own social media strategy.

Matt Bailey, Founder and President of SiteLogic Marketing, is an expert in online marketing. He is known for his conversational, entertaining speaking style and ability to make technical topics both understandable and practical.

We hope you enjoy this free webinar, sponsored by Eloqua, the leading provider of marketing automation software.

  • A few of the lessons you will learn by attending this webinar include, but are not limited to:
  • How to match the right medium with the message
  • Four steps to developing a winning strategy
  • How to track growth and measure success

Multi Content Funnel Marketing [WEBINAR]

18 Oct

How can you build a content marketing strategy that attracts and converts prospects into leads and leads into customers? This webcast will give an overview of how you can build a winning content marketing strategy that maps against your purchase funnel.

The webcast will give an overview of how companies can build a winning content marketing strategy mapped to their funnel. It will show how to tailor your content marketing strategy for both top of funnel and mid funnel campaigns.

Kieran Flanagan, Online Marketing Manager (EMEA) at Marketo will go through some of the best techniques Marketo use to build a content marketing strategy that helps drive new visits through their funnel.
Key Learnings:

  • What type of content marketing and assets are best suited for top of funnel campaigns (attracting new visits into your funnel)
  • How can you best promote your top of funnel campaigns to get most visibility for your content
  • What type of mid funnel campaigns help convert new visits into leads and leads into customers.


3.30 – 3.40pm – Introduction, Joel Harrison, editorial and content director, B2B Marketing

3.40 – 4.15pm – Presentation, Kieran Flanagan, online marketing manager (EMEA), Marketo

4.15 – 4.30pm – Live Q&A
Register or find out more here: http://www.b2bmarketing.net/content-funnel

SOURCE: B2B Marketing

Have Smartphones and Social Media Made Your Website Irrelevant?

14 Sep

Buchanan, MI (PRWEB) September 14, 2012

The rapid rise of social media and smartphone adoption has sparked lively debate among executives questioning the relevancy of a company’s website and the importance of its web presence.

Against this backdrop, the Internet consultants at Precept Partners have answered the challenge with the complete redesign and re-launch of its own company website at http://www.PreceptPartners.com. The award winning, Michigan based Internet design and development firm serves clients in multiple industries throughout the Midwest.

“We see the rapid rise in mobile devices as an important long-term trend; companies that ignore smartphones and tablets may be doing so at their peril. With the re-launch our own website, we paid particular attention to a design that would be easy to use on Android tablets and phones, as well as Apple’s popular iPad and iPhone products,” said Stephen Antisdel, manager of Precept Partners.

Commenting on the growth of social media Antisdel added, “Our new site includes links to our blog, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, we use social media; it’s become a vital part of the larger “Internet ecosystem”. But, we don’t see it replacing our website or other online marketing initiatives. Social media certainly has a role in building relationships, but it doesn’t replace the functionality or expanded “story telling” ability of a well-designed and executed website.”

The new Precept Partners website explains the firm’s project development process, its six core service offerings, and highlights websites designed and developed for clients in a various sectors including manufacturing, services, e-commerce, and member supported.

About Precept Partners
Precept Partners provides award winning website design, development and online marketing proven by more than $100MM in online sales revenue. Launched in 2003, the company serves clients in retail, professional services, e-commerce, OEM manufacturing, technology and not-for-profit sectors. Client awards and media recognition includes coverage in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and NPR. Client awards include the Inc. 500, the Internet Retailer 500, the Hot 100 Best Retail Websites, the Webby Award and many others. More information at http://www.PreceptPartners.com


WordPress Webinar Marathon: Sept. 17-21, 2012

13 Sep

WP Academy’s “WordPress Webinar Marathon” is a series of 10 free, high-content webinars on WordPress Website Design, Online Marketing, and Web Sales and Marketing Technology.  These events happen during the week of September 17-21, 2012.  There are two webinars every day, one at 2pm EST and the other at 7pm EST (“New York time”).

These webinars are oriented to all levels from beginner to advanced WordPress designers and Web Marketers.  They represent some of the finest WordPress and Website Marketing training available today, equal or superior to many paid programs.  View the schedule below as you are certain to find something of value to you, then signup to get the links to the live events and the recordings.

The recordings will be published on September 22 and will be viewable for free for 10 days.

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to take control of your web presence and internet marketing efforts?

Then you need to register for these great free webinars! The focus is around WordPress, but the training is invaluable for all disciplines, because it covers all aspects of web sales and marketing, in addition to the very best training on using WordPress.

Do you want to gain marketable skills as a WordPress web designer, or add this service to your social media consulting profile?

No matter what your objective is, this email will be of great value to you.

For five days beginning Monday Sept. 17, our partners from WP Academy are producing “WordPress Webinar Marathon,” a series of 10 FREE training webinars on a range of topics from WordPress web design, to creating (or growing) an online business, to how to use the latest and most powerful technology tools, including Social Media. Check it out here:

Afternoon Sessions – all 2pm EST (“New York time”)

 Dates & Times
(all sessions 75 min.)
 Content / Presenter

Mon. Sept. 17, 2pm EST

Small Business WordPress Website in 1 Hour (beginner-intermediate)

Starting from an empty hosting account, we’ll create a professional WordPress website, using the Weaver theme (very professional and flexible free theme).  Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Installing WordPress
  • How to choose a professional theme
  • Adding a header (and where to get them made cheaply)
  • Configuring WordPress for a static site (vs. a blog)
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Adding navigation, pages, posts, and links
  • Styling fonts and colors
  • Adding social media links
  • Adding a newsletter subscription form
  • And more…

Tue. Sept. 18, 2pm EST

StudioPress Theme Family Advanced Customization (intermediate-advanced)

StudioPress themes are extremely popular and accessible. Come to this session to learn why this is so, and to see how easy it is to create a sensational-looking site in StudioPress. We will cover:

  • Why StudioPress?
  • StudioPress styling basics (differences from other themes)
  • The powerful Genesis Featured Page widget
  • Image sliders
  • Genesis Simple Edits, Simple Hooks, Simple Sidebar widgets
  • Loading a header through CSS
  • And more

Wed. Sept. 19, 2pm EST

WordPress eCommerce & Membership Systems (all levels)

Marc Beneteau

In this webinar we’ll explain the basics of doing eCommerce (collecting money for your products or services) in WordPress.  This includes a general review of payment systems and third-party shopping carts, plus feature walk-throughs and demonstrations of two powerful WordPress Membership plugins.

We’ll cover:

  • Suggested payment systems for WordPress websites
  • Review of affiliate management systems for WordPress (get other people to promote you)
  • Review of externally-hosted shopping cart solutions
  • Review of WordPress shopping cart plugins — the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Behind-the-scenes look at WP Academy’s membership system, powered by WishList Member
  • Feature walk-through of the free and powerful S2Member plugin
  • Demonstration of using S2Member and Paypal to sell digital downloads (ebooks or audio recordings) from your site

Thu. Sept. 20, 2pm EST

Website Marketing Funnels: OptimizePress and sales-letter themes (beginner-intermediate)

Want to create a marketing funnel, so that you can lead your prospects into your programs? Well Join Christina Hills from the “Website Creation Workshop” as she shows you what kinds of Marketing Funnels You can create with WordPress!

We’ll cover:

  • Create Professional “Eye Catching” Opt In Pages
  • Create Your Own Professional Sales Letter Pages
  • Create Membership Pages
  • Feature tour and configuration demo of the OptimizePress sales-letter theme
  • And more…

Fri. Sept. 21, 2pm EST

WordPress Community Sites: WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress (all levels)

Not everyone is aware that WordPress comes with an option to run it as a community portal, from where you can allow forums, friending, sharing, etc.  What makes this possible is a very powerful plugin called BuddyPress, that is an add-on to WordPress Multisite.  Michael Lyman, passionate WPMU/BuddyPress user, will show you exactly how it’s done and also describe the benefits of WordPress Multisite to organization such as associations, churches, even company intranets.  We’ll cover:

  • WPMU + BuddyPress Features and Benefits
  • Configuration of a WPMU site
  • BuddyPress minimal configuration demo
  • Discussion forums
  • “Friending” and other community features
  • Setting WPMU up as a paid membership site
  • And more …

This presentation is co-sponsored by WPMU DEV, the leading provider of WordPress, WPMU and BuddyPress plugins on the web.  WPMU DEV has graciously contributed 5 “Elite”  memberships ($419 value each) which we will give out on the live webinar!

Evening Sessions – all 7pm EST (“New York time”)

Dates & Times
(all sessions 75 min.)
Content / Presenter

Mon. Sept. 17, 7pm EST

Small Business WordPress Website in 1 Hour (beginner-intermediate)

Starting from an empty hosting account, we’ll create a professional WordPress website, using the Weaver theme (very professional and flexible free theme).  Here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • Installing WordPress
  • How to choose a professional theme
  • Adding a header (and where to get them made cheaply)
  • Configuring WordPress for a static site (vs. a blog)
  • Using the Visual Editor
  • Adding navigation, pages, posts, and links
  • Styling fonts and colors
  • Adding social media links
  • Adding a newsletter subscription form
  • And more…

Tue. Sept. 18, 7pm EST

Theme Selection and Customization (beginner-intermediate)

Choosing the right theme for your WordPress business-oriented website is a daunting task.  In this action-packed 60-min webinar we will:

  • Discuss general considerations of theme selection — theme vs. theme framework, commercial vs. free, etc
  • Perform basic customization functions and theme option tours for three extremely popular commercial theme frameworks (the same ones recommended in our courses): StudioPress, WooThemes, and ElegantThemes
  • Quickly review two other hugely popular theme frameworks: Thesis and iThemes
  • Look at sample website created in each of these themes and discuss pros and cons

Expect to come out of this webinar with a much clearer idea of where you need to look for a good business-oriented theme and what you need to be looking for.

Wed. Sept. 19, 7pm EST

Making Money with Membership Sites: using the Wishlist Member plugin for WordPress (all levels)

WordPress membership site expert Sandra de Freitas will present various strategies for monetizing a WordPress website, along with case-studies and feature walk-through / configuration of the powerful WishList Member plugin.  Come to this webinar to find out:

  • What you need to know to maximize your results with a WordPress membership site. Take the complexity out of creating a blogsite so that anyone can set up a successful site online, quickly and easily
  • Gain a professional web presence that offers your products or services, without paying exorbitant fees or banging your head against the wall
  • Step-by-step demonstration and feature tour of the extremely powerful Wishlist Member plugin
  • Demonstration of the latest feature of Wishlist: “Pay per post” — sell your articles and ebooks individually
  • And more…

Thur. Sept. 20, 7pm EST

Website Branding and Usability (all levels)

In this joint presentation by branding expert Christopher Staser and website usability expert George Plumley you will learn the fundamental principles of creating websites that inspire confidence and lead to action by visitors.

Knowing a little about online design and development can save you and your business thousands of dollars. This is information that is very difficult to acquire without buying a small library of books — we will present some of the key elements, including:

  • Usability: How wide and tall should a site be? Does it use images effectively? Should you use popups? Is the content easily accessible? Etc.
  • Marketing: How to get other sites to link to ours? What free online advertising methods should be used?  How to integrate a site with social media?
  • Branding: Verbal positioning; visual positioning; brand planning; brand weaving
  • Questions to ask yourself in your own “Brand discovery session” – and why it is so important to create a potent and authentic brand
  • Marketing Collateral: Video, Web, Trade Show, Packaging…
  • And much more

Fri. Sept. 21, 7pm EST

Thesis Theme, inside and out (intermediate-advanced)

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is an immensely popular commercial theme framework. Learn the reasons why in this rich presentation, in which we build out an actual Thesis site. We’ll cover:

  • Recommended Themes, & Why Thesis
  • Installing Thesis, general layout & look-and-feel
  • Feature walk-through – minimal configuration, header image etc.
  • Sidebar configuration
  • Multimedia box, posting Youtube video
  • Thesis custom CSS overrides
  • Thesis OpenHook plugin examples
  • Installing Dynamic Content Gallery with OpenHook
  • Custom widget areas with Ultimate Thesis Theme Options Plugin

About your instructors:

Marc Beneteau is the founder of WP Academy.  He is a trainer, instructional designer, entrepreneur, WordPress developer, and internet marketer. He ran a successful web design business for 3 years prior to starting WP Academy, and was Chief Technology Officer of an internet startup before that. His full professional profile on Linkedin.

Kim Doyal runs The WordPress Chick, a WordPress training and development company.  She is a designer, author and trainer, and is such a fan of StudioPress themes that she wrote an eBook, Diving into Genesis (and no, this is not a Bible study book!)

Christina Hills is a speaker-educator-coach-mentor for building an online business. If you are you ready for a website that’s easy to create, that YOU have control over, that releases you from the grips of your webmaster and is a magnet for people as well as search engines, then look no further.  She teaches online software to people who want to learn how to use online tools to gain prospects and sell to customers. She is also very funny!  Her products include the Website Creation Workshop and Website Marketing Funnel.

Sandra De Freitas is a top tech coach, speaker, trainer, author and expert in internet technology. She is the founder of WPBlogsites.com, a WordPress service provider and consulting firm. In 2008 she authored the book Does This Blogsite Make My Wallet Look Fat? – How to use a WordPress Blogsite to make money, attract clients and gain expert celebrity status, and released a second edition just last year. Sandra specializes in WordPress blogsites and extending their functionality with exceptional WordPress plugins such as WishList Member. Sandra is WishList Member Certified. Her technology expertise is second only to her wicked sense of humour and contagious enthusiasm!

George Plumley  is a well-known and respected WordPress author, trainer and coach.  He is the author ofWordPress 24-hour trainer and Website Design and Development: 100 Questions to Ask Before Building a Website, and also writes articles and shoots videos from his popular site SeeHowTwo. George has a background in philosophy and broadcasting and lives in Western Canada.

Christopher Staser is a brand strategist, visual designer, graphic artist,  WordPress developer, and social media / PR consultant.  He has worked with 40+ startups, non-profits, as well as more established companies developing marketing collateral and websites, and he has won numerous awards for his designs and videos.  You can review his work at Brandweaver.tv.  Christopher loves to dance and to travel and he is fluent in Chinese.

Michael Lyman runs Positively Local, a small team of passionate marketers located in Vancouver B.C. Canada, serving small and medium size businesses throughout North America.  He specializes in local marketing and social media, and is a passionate WPMU and BuddyPress user and developer.  He wears many hats as marketing consultant, developer, entrepreneur, and trainer, and has many wonderful WPMU stories to tell.

How it Works

  1.  Signup from the link below.  You will be sent all the recordings when the series is over.
  2. In addition, your welcome email will contain links to the live event registration.  It is better to attend the live events if you can, as they are more fun and allow you to interact directly with the instructors.  Live audience also gets exclusive discounts on products and automatically enters contests.
  3. You will need to register separately for the Afternoon and Evening sessions (each session has its own links).   It’s not possible to register for just one webinar, but you can register and then come only to the webinar(s) that you are interested in.
  4. The recordings will be published on September 22, and will be available for free for 10 days.  After this they require an affordable, lifetime membership to the WordPress Learning Management System.

Yes! Send me the live event registration links and all the recordings

Via WP Academy

Social Media Win: How El Al Turned Their Fare Fail Frown Upside Down

11 Aug

Social Media Win: How El Al Turned Their Fare Fail Frown Upside Down. Read: http://ow.ly/cU5GB #socialmedia

Building Your Brand Online

22 Nov

How to build your brand online

How to Build Your Brand Online: Social Media


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