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Millennials & SOcial Media = ?

5 Dec

Did you know that over three quarters of 15-34 year olds knows as Generation Y log on to social media everyday?

This infographic created by InSites Consulting discovered that 56 percent of respondents said they use social media as a way to communicating and sending private messages while 54 percent use it to kill time. 92 percent of GenYers have no intention to stop using social media channels- which leaves a huge market for the whole social universe.

Guess what site was names the site with the most awareness? Yep you guessed it,  Facebook it is followed by Twitter, Google+ and Myspace ( Myspace what?) and LinkedIn.


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12 New Personality Types in SOcial Media

24 Apr

What are the behaviours that marketers want to know about social media marketing? This infographic created by First Direct based on a nationwide survey that studied the behaviour and attitudes related towards social media.

What did the results show? The results from the survey showed that people typically behave differently on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter compared to how they behave in real life.

SO which out of these 12 social media personalities define your target market? Please share your thoughts about this infographic in the comments section below!


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Which Demographics Use SOcial Media?

15 Apr

This infographic was created by the Pew Research Center based on the results of a comprehensive seven year social media survey that was conducted  to evaluate which social media platforms demographics were using. Which sites emerged on top?

The results of the survey were:

  • 67% use Facebook
  • 20% use LinkedIn
  • 16% use Twitter
  • 15% use Pinterest
  • 13% use Instagram
  • 6% use Tumblr

Which social media sites should you focus on for your target market?

Which demographics use social media? Infographic

The social media demographics that every marketer must know

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10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing

8 Apr

Cut the fat & start spending time on tactics that will actually drive conversion!

The fast-paced world of digital marketing — with all its technological advancements and iterative improvements — has theoretically made marketers’ lives easier.

But the flip side of the coin is that marketers are overwhelmed. It seems like every week there’s something new we absolutely must be doing, lest we get left behind.

But a lot of this new “stuff” is now outdated. Or worse, was never a good use of time and budget to begin with.

To help transform you into a more efficient marketer, download 10 things you can cut from your marketing today, as well as where you should be spending that previously wasted time.

Download this Ebook


5 Tips on Creating Great SOcial Media Channels

2 Apr

1. Find your niche, focus your marketing content on that.

2. Create consistent themes across all social media channels.

3. Give your content a branded look that is easily recognizable.

4. Have a flexible content calendar that is easy to update.

5. Post what the audience likes and is most likely to share.


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The 4 C’s of SOcial Media

1 Apr

This infographic was based on a survey that was conducted in 2012 with 426 IT buyers and 155 B2B technology marketers.  The infographic goes into detail about the role social media marketing plays in the business technology market.

SO! What? are the 4 C’s of social media?

  • Content
  • Conversation
  • Community
  • Connections

Check out this mew interesting infographic below.

How to Engage with Social Media Infographic

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The Anatomy of Content Marketing: Infographic

19 Mar

Want online marketing success?

This infographic “The Anatomy of Content Marketing” created by Content+ will show you some great stats on why you need a content marketing strategy for your company.

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Marketing Metrics & Analytics Guide

13 Mar

Want to learn more about marketing metrics and what they are?

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics & Analytics

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Analytics will empower you to not only prove, but improve your marketing program and campaign return on investment. ROI.

This informative eBook by Marketo will show you:

Accountability, ROI and Framework: Learn why today’s marketers need to know metrics and analytics and what are the most important marketing metrics to use.

Revenue Analytics: Want to build marketing credibility? This section will show you these metrics and how they are best shared with management.

Program Metrics: In this section, we will show you how to build a sensible framework for measuring your specific programs including how to decide what to measure, how to account for campaign influence and multiple ‘touches’, and what to do about extraneous variables like seasonal variability.

Forecasting, Dashboards, & Implementation: Learn methodologies and strategies for marketing forecasting, how to develop a dashboard that conveys accurate and relevant results, and the people, technology and process that needs to be put in place to get the analytics and ROI results you need.

  • The right metrics for understanding and interpreting marketing metrics
  • Why measuring marketing programs is difficult, and how to do it correctly and efficiently
  • Revenue metrics that get the executives’ attention and prove marketing ROI
  • The critical elements of a marketing dashboard

Attack of the Customers

26 Feb

ImageCustomers don’t suffer in silence anymore. Today they make their gripes public on the branded websites of the very businesses attack. Online customer attacks have struck some of America’s biggest brands, and the volume and scope is growing dramatically.

You no longer have the luxury of time to respond. An attack can go global in a matter of hours. Attack of the Customers shows how social media can be used to destroy as well as to build. It provides actionable strategies to prepare for and prevent disaster from striking your company. And it shows you how creative online customer engagement can turn critics into raving fans.

As this book shows with fascinating real-world examples, customers complain because they care. In these pages, you’ll learn how to respond effectively and how you can grow your business in the process.

About the Authors:

Greg Gianforte is the Founder and former CEO of RightNow Technologies. Greg Gianforte is a serial entrepreneur in the software industry, and an innovator in the customer experience market.Mr. Gianforte founded RightNow Technologies, a cloud-based customer-service and support solutions company, in 1997. RightNow’s mission was to rid the world of bad experiences. Under his leadership as chairman and CEO, RightNow enjoyed 15 years of continuous growth, with about 2,000 large consumer-focused companies around the world using its products. Headquartered in Bozeman Montana the company had more than 1,100 employees worldwide and more than $225 million in annual revenue prior to their sale to Oracle in 2011.
Paul Gillin is a long-time technology journalist who’s worked almost exclusively online since 1999. He advises marketers and business executives on strategies to optimize their use of social media and online channels to reach buyers cost-effectively. He has a knack for simplifying complex concepts and making technology trends understandable. Paul is a Senior Research Fellow and board member of the Society for New Communications Research and writes a regular column for BtoB magazine and contribute to various blogs and online publications.  Connect with him @pgillin.
Download Attack of the Customers today.
Via Social Media Today

Webinar Series: Everything You Need to Know About Marketing Automation!

25 Feb

  • Part 1: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation 
    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ETSpeaker: Jon Miller, author of the Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation and VP of Marketing, Marketo
  • Part 2: Buying and Becoming Successful with Marketing Automation
    Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ETSpeakers: Jon Miller, VP of Marketing, Marketo and Lorena Harris, VP of Corporate Marketing, Vantiv
Webinar Details…

Jon Miller
VP of Marketing, Marketo

Lorena Harris
VP of Corporate Marketing, Vantiv

Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET
Every business has one thing in common: the desire to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. But how do you get started? Join Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo, and learn everything you have ever wanted to know about marketing automation, including:

  • What is marketing automation and why is it so hot right now?
  • How is it different from other technology platforms, including CRM and email marketing?
  • What are some of the common features?
  • How do you build a business case and convince internal stakeholders to act?
  • What is the future of marketing automation?

Buying and Becoming Successful With Marketing Automation 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

Hear Jon Miller, VP of Marketing at Marketo, and Lorena Harris, VP of Corporate Marketing at Vantiv, discuss how to select the right marketing automation vendor and ensure success with implementation and beyond.  You will learn:

  • How to select the right marketing automation vendor
  • How to think big, start small, and move quickly with marketing automation
  • How to manage your people, process, and technologies for success
  • How Vantiv sold marketing automation to internal stakeholders
  • How Vantiv managed change internally to create impact with marketing automation
Register for Marketing Automation now!
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SOcial Media Predictions For The 2013 Oscars

23 Feb

This infographic ‘Social Media Predictions For The 2013 Oscars’ was created by digital ad firm RadiumOne. According to them Facebook and Twitter users would choose Hugh Jackman for best actor for Les Mis. For best picture for Twitter would be vampire thriller Breaking Dawn Part 2 with almost 1.3 million followers on the social media marketing network. Facebook users would also pick the Twilight movie as best picture.

What do you think about social media picking the Oscars? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Managing SOcial Media for Teams

23 Feb

managing social media for teams

“How should we manage social media as a team?” Is one of the biggest questions in social media today. Join our experienced panel as they explore the challenge of scaling up.

Topics Include:

  • Who should your Social Media Team be comprised of? And who should lead it?
  • What structure and processes should you adopt?
  • How should you integrate different departments and their needs?
  • What tools and services do you need to facilitate this?
  • How can you ensure visibility between teams and team members?
  • How can you ensure that customer queries are resolved?
  • What should you do if the system breaks down?

Sentiment Metrics

Founded in 2005, Sentiment Metrics was created to help businesses listen to the social internet, understand it, and participate all from within a suite of world-class technologies. Today, they work with over 400 clients across 8 time zones, including many of the world’s leading brands.
Our Social Times is a boutique social media agency, providing a range of high-value social media marketing, monitoring and training services. We also run one of the country’s most popular social media blogs and organise high quality social media conferences, courses and workshops in the UK, US, Europe and Asia.
“A superb Social Customer Service webinar. Great insights from all the speakers. Thank you”~ Abigail Harisson, Whiteoaks
Thomas Messett SpeakerGlobal Editor in Chief, Social Media
@tom_messettThomas Messett, Global Editor in Chief – Social Media, Nokia, a digital native who spent the last three years helping brands explore the world of social media. He has looked after varied communities for clients including Comic Relief and Mars. He’s now helping to turn Nokia into a business with social at its heart.
Leon-chaddock SpeakerManaging Director,
Sentiment Metrics
@leonchaddockLeon is one of the pioneers of the social media analytics field. He has been working in this area since 2004, pre-dating both Twitter and Facebook. His current company, Sentiment Metrics, works with over 400 clients globally, including many of the world’s leading brands.
Luke BrynleyDirector,
Our Social Times
@oursocialtimesLuke is the Founder & CEO of Our Social Times, one of the UK’s best known social media agencies, whose clients include The Telegraph Media Group, Orange Business Services, Blue Square and BAT. Having worked with global brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke speaks with wit and insight about how social media is changing the world of business.Register for Managing Social Media for Teams NOW!
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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation‏

14 Feb
All New 100-Page Comprehensive GuideLooking to do better marketing with fewer resources? Our new Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation will show you how you can streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks so efficiently that you’ll feel like you have an army of marketing robots at your disposal.

Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation You’ll learn:

  • How marketing automation differs from CRM and email marketing tools
  • The common features and advanced functions of marketing automation tools
  • How to build a business case and convince internal stakeholders to act
  • How to successfully implement a marketing automation platform

Find out how you can get your company on board with the future of marketing solutions. Download the Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation now.

Via Marketo

The Marketing Super Bowl

4 Feb

Marketing and the Super Bowl have more in common than you may think. They both take a lot of strategy, hard-work, determination, talent and overall teamwork to be successful.

In marketing you need to establish social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and have killer content marketing in order for a succesful marketing campaign. Just like in football you need a good defense system in place.

This infographic created by Insightera  depicts these similarities and more.

The Marketing Super Bowl Infographic

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How Will Facebook’s Graph Search Change Digital Marketing?

3 Feb

With Facebook’s announcement of their new Graph Search feature impacted the digital marketing community.

How successful will Graph Search be? Since this feature has not been rolled out to everyone yet its too early to tell at this point. We can predict that it will change the internet marketing sphere and greatly impact SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This infographic was created by wedo summarizes how Graph Search will change digital marketing. What are your thoughts about this infographic and Facebook’s Graph Search feature?
wedu facebook graph search infographic
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Your Social Media Roots

31 Jan

The metaphor “your business is like a tree” refers to being as sturdy as its roots. You need to first build a strong  foundation until you can branch out. The same goes for social media which is  becoming a more important component of today’s marketing mix.

Vertical Measures created this Internet Marketing Infographic which does into detail about social media best practices via four social media traits: Product Ratings and Reviews, Customer Service, Lead Generation, and Brand Awareness. This infographic “Your Social Media Roots” can help ensure that your business is ready to grow in 2013.

Your Social Media Roots


The History of Marketing

27 Jan

This infographic “The History of Marketing” was put together by HubSpot and designed by BlueGlass.  This infographic shows us that marketing goes back a long way in history. What has changed with technology? It has changed the way marketers target consumers and the way they do their jobs.

Key points to remember in 2003- 2004 social media spreads with the introduction of social media profiles: Facebook, Myspace,  and LinkedIn. In 2005 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes a common key phrase for website developers. Two years later in 2007, Twitter was born and has not stopped growing ever since.

What do you think of this infographic?

The Hstory of Marketing

Speakers Announced for Search Marketing Expo – SMX West

21 Jan

SMX - Search Marketing Expo

Redding, CT (PRWEB) January 21, 2013

The faculty for Search Marketing Expo – SMX West features more than 100 of the world’s leading authorities on search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC), mobile search,  social media marketing and other internet marketing topics. SMX West will take place March 11-13 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

SMX West speakers will share tactics and techniques sharpened by years of experience with search marketing, advertising and social media campaigns. The roster includes leading brand marketers from companies such as Home Depot, Harry & David, Adobe and Salesforce.com; experts from leading full-service and boutique agencies; and representatives from search engines Google, Bing and other media companies.

The three-day program offers over 50 sessions and keynotes, enabling attendees to customize their experience based upon experience and focus. The SMX Expo Hall will be open March 11-12; six in-depth post-conference workshops will also be offered on March 14.

Rates Increase February 1
From now through February 1 a three-day All Access pass is priced at $1495. One day All Access, Workshop, and free Expo+ passes are also available.

Register for SMX West online or by calling (877) 242-5242 between 9am-5pm ET.

About Search Marketing Expo – SMX West and Third Door Media

SMX West features sessions for those seeking advanced tactics or just starting out in search marketing, work on an in-house SEM team, hail from an agency, or own a business.

Attend SMX West for:

  •     Exceptional content and super-charged sessions on PPC, SEO, social media marketing, local and mobile search will help you succeed today, tomorrow and in the future.
  •     Invaluable connections made possible by the ultimate mix of structured networking opportunities and social events. Meet new contacts and reconnect with colleagues. SMX makes it easy to interact and exchange ideas with other industry thought leaders.
  •     Essential conveniences to help juggle every-day responsibilities while maximizing conference time: always-available and free Wi-Fi; hot lunches, snacks and beverages all day; access to all presentations and tools to pre-plan your custom itinerary.

Third Door Media’s mission is to empower internet and search marketing professionals by providing trusted content and community services they need to be successful.

The company produces the global Search Marketing Expo conference series. SMX conferences include: SMX West (San Jose, CA), SMX East (New York City), SMX Advanced, SMX London, SMX Israel, SMX Munich, SMX Toronto, SMX Sydney, SMX Paris, SMX Stockholm and SMX Social Media Marketing (Las Vegas, NV).

Third Door Media publishes Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, which provide news, analysis and tutorials to help internet marketers do their jobs more effectively. The company also provides a full range of innovative marketing services including lead generation, content creation and licensing via its Digital Marketing Depot brand.


Search Marketing Expo - SMX West 2013: March 11-13

New Webinar: 5 Steps of SOcial Media Lead Generation

12 Jan

Duration: 60min

Presenter: Kipp Bodnar, Inbound Marketing Manager at HubSpot

Hashtag: #SMLeads

Kipp New Croppped resized 252

Who should view?
Marketing professionals and business owners who want to learn how to generate leads with social media. Additionally marketers already generating social media leads should plan to attend to learn how to improve current efforts.

New Webinar: The Science of Website Redesign

Social media marketing isn’t about hugs, kisses, rainbows or any of the like. For B2B companies looking to grow their business, social media marketing is about one thing: leads.

HubSpot’s Kipp Bodnar unveils a 5-step process for generating leads using social media. This process will dispel common misconceptions of social media marketing and serve as the foundation of a successful social media strategy.

In this free webinar you will learn:

  • The fundamental tactics to social media lead generation
  • Technquies for maximizing social media reach and lead flow
  • A framework for content discovery to drive leads
  • How to test a social media lead generation campaign

View the Social Media Lead Generation Webinar Now!

Via    Hubspot

SEO vs. Social Media: Which Is Best for Your Marketing?

11 Jan

Both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media are powerful marketing tools, but sometimes prioritizing marketing time on one or the other is a challenge — especially in a crunch.

seo vs social coverFor example, 44% of online shoppers begin their branded product research by using a search engine, but social media usage has increased by 356% in six years. So which might have a bigger impact for you?

This ebook will dive into the pros and cons for using either SEO or social media for your business so you can decide which you should use and when.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of SEO and social media
  • Where SEO and social media complement one another
  • How to decide which will deliver your business better results — SEO or social media

Remember — no matter which you prioritize for your company, there’s a time for both SEO and social media, and an opportunity for them to work together, too.

Download SEO vs Social Media Now!


20 Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2013 & Beyond

10 Jan

What if you had a glimpse into the future? What would you change today to plan for tomorrow? In reality, the future can be predicted and the best marketers already have their destination mapped out.

In 2012, the world of marketing underwent major changes. We saw the rise of Pinterest, several IPOs and acquisitions, an aggressive political ad war, Facebook’s 1 billionth user, and watched one Korean artist turn into a global phenomenon thanks to YouTube.

But what’s in store for 2013? Let our new guide serve as your navigation system into the world of marketing in 2013.

Now then, let’s gaze into the marketing crystal ball, and uncover what marketing will look like in 2013.

In addition, you’ll read predictions from industry leaders such as:

  • Rand Fishkin, SEOmoz founder and CEO
  • Brian Halligan, HubSpot co-founder and CEO
  • David Meerman Scott, Best-Selling Author
  • Greg Alexander, Sales Benchmark Index CEO
  • Nick Johnson, Useful Social Media founder

Download Marketing Trends & Predictions 2013 & Beyond Now!


SOcial Media is Going Corporate

4 Jan

How and why businesses are sharing, posting, tweeting, blogging and pinning:

94% use social media, 85% say its given their business more exposure, 58% say that social media has generated leads and loyal fans. Favorite social media tools are: Facebook at 92%, Twitter at 82%, LinkedIn at 73%, Blogs at 61%

58% of Fortune 500 companies had Facebook pages in 2011. 62% of Fortune 500 companies have Twitter accounts.

Social Media Going Corporate

Guy Kawasaki Announced as #TCS2013 Keynote Speaker

3 Jan
2013 traffic-and-conversion-summit

Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 03, 2013

Digital Marketer has announced Guy Kawasaki as another keynote speaker for their 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Francisco, California January 18-20, 2013. With just weeks to go before the event, the news comes just in time for people to take advantage of their last chance to register for the event.

Guy Kawasaki is a former chief evangelist for Apple, and a social media expert with years of advanced experience. Known as one of the most brilliant futurists on the planet, Kawasaki has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in funds, and started dozens of successful companies. He’s highly respected as one of Silicon Valley’s true thought leaders, and co-founder of AllTop.com.

Originally responsible for the marketing of Macintosh in 1984, Kawasaki is a bestselling author of titles like “The Art of the Start,” “The Macintosh Way,” and “How to Drive Your Competition Crazy.” He will bring his experience and knowledge to the forefront of the biggest digital marketing event of the year, and is scheduled along with William Shatner to add to the star-studded lineup of speakers and panelists at the Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Digital Marketer is advising any interested participants to learn as much as they can about the 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit, and to do it fast. Seats are filling and the event will be capped soon. To find out more, visit the Traffic and Conversion Summit informational website.

Digital Marketer releases informational and educational materials to help businesses and entrepreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of their industry. Through their RAW Training courses, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, site reviews, and Special Reports, Digital Marketer supercharges every single marketing campaign it touches. For more information, visit DigitalMarketer.com.

Final schedules for the event will be determined closer to the January dates, but Digital Marketer’s website, blog, and emails will keep attendees aware of any announcements. The 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit has limited space left, and will almost certainly sell out, so Digital Marketer suggests reserving spot with them soon.

Quote startDigital Marketer has announced Guy Kawasaki as another keynote speaker for their 2013 Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Francisco, California January 18-20, 2013.Quote end

What’s the ROI of Empathy?

2 Jan

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