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Infographic: 45 SOcial Media Stats of 2013

2 Feb

The social community online is growing daily. Are you looking at how to engage with your online community?

This infographic created by Digital Insights goes into detail about social media numbers, stats, facts and figures for 2013. The key highlights from this infographic are:

  • 74% of marketers believe Facebook is important for their lead generation  strategy
  • 28% of Retweets on Twitter are due to inclusion of “please RT!”
  • 40% of marketers use Google+, 70% desire to learn more and 67% plan to  increase Google+ activities
  • 42% update their profile information regularly on LinkedIn
  • Over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements
  • More than 16 billion photos already uploaded on Instagram
  • 80% of total Pinterest’s pins are re-pins
  • 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites
  • Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show,  telemarketing, daily mail, or PPC
  • More than 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social  media
  • Around 46% of web users turn to social media for making purchases

What are your thoughts about this infographic? Do any of these following stats surprise you?social-media-activities-infographic-2013

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Using SOcial Media For Lead Generation

18 Jul

Social media can be an effective lead generation tool for your business.

This infographic created by Wishpod  goes into detail about how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest; the top social networks when used right can help your business grow with new leads and attract new customers.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world is still king when used for a lead generation tool. The infographic states that 77 percent of B2C marketers say that they have acquired a customer through Facebook. At 26 percent, Facebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic to websites. With Twitter second only to Facebook at a minimal 3.6 percent.

What are your thoughts about using social media as a lead generation tool? Have you acquired new customers via Facebook? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Facebook Adds Searchable Hashtags

12 Jun


Facebook has just announced that it is launching hashtags to ease following conversations you are interested in. Currently hashtags are only “beginning to roll out” the feature, so you might not see it right away. Facebook says that the hashtags that you see “similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest” as in a feed of comments will appear when you click on the hashtag. According to Facebook functionality will include the ability to write posts directly from a hashtag feed, searching hashtags for topics that are relevant to you and being able to click on hashtags that come from other services.

In Facebooks words:

“Every day, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to share their thoughts on big moments happening all around them. Whether it’s talking about a favorite television show, cheering on a hometown sports team or engaging with friends during a breaking news event—people on Facebook connect with their friends about what’s taking place all over the world. …

To bring these conversations more to the forefront, we will be rolling out a series of features that surface some of the interesting discussions people are having about public events, people, and topics. As a first step, we are beginning to roll out hashtags on Facebook.”

What are your thoughts about hashtags on Facebook? Yes or no?

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What Makes a Successful SOcial Media Campaign?

5 Jun

How is a social media campaign best executed?

This infographic below created by Cox Blue highlights some of the universal components of a successful social media marketing campaign. What are your thoughts in regards to this infographic?

What makes a successful social media campaign?

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Maximizing Return From Your Facebook Investment

14 May

Maximize ROI on Facebook

Rebecca Momberg, Director,
Client Solutions and Strategy,
Marin Software

Thursday, May 16, 2013- 1:00 PM EDT

Register to Learn:

  • How to craft a Facebook campaign strategy for your business objectives
  • Best practices for audience targeting, creative design, creative placement and user experience
  • How to see the full picture of your Facebook performance and measure Facebook ROI
  • How to quickly spot and take advantage of Facebook optimization opportunities

This webcast is sponsored by

register now for ROI of your Facebook investment

How Do Men and Women Use SOcial Media Differently?

13 May

Did you know that male and female behaviour is very different when it comes to social media?

How is it different? On Facebook 62 percent of women do the bulk of sharing while YouTube os where men spend most of their time. 70 percent of Pinterest users are women and also dominate Twitter at 62 percent.

Who use more social media? Women top social media use at 71 percent compared to men at 62 percent.

This infographic created by Internet Service Providers goes into detail about the difference between the genders. Are you surprised by the results of this infographic?

battle of the sexes on social media

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Facebook: Best Days to Post, Segmented By Industry

5 May

Are you curious about what the best day to post on Facebook is? This all depends on your industry as each industry is different.

The infographic below created by LinchpinSEO goes into detail about what the best days to post as it relates to each primary industry type including: Advertising & Consulting, Automotive, Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Goods, entertainment, Finance, Food & Beverage, General Retail, Health & Beauty, Non Profits, Publishing, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications & Sports & Leisure.

Are you surprised by the results of this infographic?

Facebook- Best Days to Post Segemented by Industry

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Facebook’s Privacy Policy Has Changed

27 Apr

This infographic created by Webpage FX describes how Facebook’s privacy policies have changed over the years.

How well do you know Facebook’s privacy policies? Are you surprised from this infographics stats?

Facebook Privacy Infographic

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SO! What? SOcial Hits 3000 Likes on Facebook

9 Apr

Thanks to the awesome people who have liked our Facebook Page, today SO! What? SOcial hit 3000 fans on Facebook!!! We wanted to thank all of our fans who helped push us over the edge.





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How #Hashtags Work?

9 Apr

In social media marketing, #hastags have become a hot topic. This infographic was created by Online Circle a digital marketing agency to teach you all you need to know about hashtags and more!

#checkitout and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

What You Need To Know About #Hastags

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Are You The SOcial Media You Use?

6 Apr

Do you have a profile on a social media channel? If SO you are not alone as nearly everyone is on one social medium or another these days and this is only expected to grow in the future.

This infographic created by The Maple Kind and published on Visual.ly starts off by introducing us to the number of users on social media networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Check out this humorous infographic below.
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Free Template: The Social Media Publishing Schedule

18 Mar

An Easy-to-Use Excel Template for Managing Your Social Media.

With so many different social media networks to manage, don’t you wish there was an easier way to plan which content, offers, and other updates to share on each account… and when?

Our customizable Social Media Publishing Schedule will allow you to organize your social media activities far in advance, making it easier to coordinate campaigns, grow your reach, and scale your social media marketing.

This easy-to-use Excel template helps you plan your updates, breaking down how to format your content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, and providing helpful tips and tricks along the way.

Download your copy of The Social Media Publishing Schedule!

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Webinar: How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

12 Mar

Melanie Duncan- Pinterest for Business

Are you a business owner, consultant, founder, author, internet marketer or social media professional? If SO this webinar will be valuable to you because you will learn:

• How service based businesses are using pins to get more clients
• What you need to start doing today to get MORE FOLLOWERS
• Get 10x more repins
• Improving your SEO (Search Engine Optimzation) using Pinterest
• Learn the secret to creating pins with the crazy high engagement
• How to reap the benefits of social media in less time
• 2 ways to tap into the power of Facebook to quickly make you a Pinterest power player

Pinterest expert Melanie will explain how to leverage Pinterest with Facebook to jump start your marketing campaign by using her industry expertise, tactics and strategies.

Register for Pinterest for Business today!

Pinterest for Business guide

The Women of SOcial Media

7 Mar

A recent study by Pew Research Centre discovered that on social media marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest female usage exceeds that of men. Why? Because social media has always been more favourable to female users.

What do you think this mean for internet marketers? Are you surprised by the statistics from this infographic?The Women of Social Media Infographic

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SOcial MEowDia Explained

28 Feb

Do you love cats? What about social media? This graphic explains social media with cats was created by Avalaunch Media. “SOCIAL MEowDIA EXPLAINED” expands on social media marketing networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Instagram to name a few.

For example on Twitter people tweet that “I’m playing with my cat” while on Facebook people post “I like my cat” followed by “watch this video of my cat” on YouTube and “I’m very skilled at training cats” on LinkedIn.

What do you think of this infographic below? Let us know in the comments section below. MEOW!


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SO! What? SOcial Hits 2000 Likes on Facebook

27 Feb

Thanks to the awesome people who have liked our Facebook Page, today SO! What? SOcial hit 2000 fans on Facebook!!! We wanted to thank all of our fans who helped push us over the edge.

2000 Facebook Fans

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Oscars Best Dressed According To Facebook

25 Feb

Last nights Oscar celebration was more about drop dead gorgeous fashion than winning an Oscar itself. There was no disappointment from the movie stars as they brought their A-game with A-list designer looks.

Of course there was social media buzz surrounding the Oscars…What is the point of having a favourite A-list style if you can’t blab about it on Facebook.

That is why Facebook teamed up with InStyle to create a Red Carpet Talk Meter which measured the online buzz around the Best Dressed for the 85th Academy Awards.

And the award goes to…

Most Buzzed About Stylish Couples

1. Bradley Cooper and Gloria, his mom
2. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
3. George Clooney and Stacy Keible

Most Buzzed About Dresses

1. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture
2. Anne Hathaway in Prada
3. Adele in Jenny Packham

Most Buzzed About Stylish Men

1. George Clooney
2. Jamie Foxx
3. Hugh Jackman
4. Daniel Day-Lewis
5. Bradley Cooper

Most Buzzed About Celebrities in Each State

Texas: Charlize Theron
New Jersey: Adele
Georgia: Kerry Washington

InStyle Talk-Meter-Facebook

Want more style? Check out InStyle to see more results from yesterdays event.

SOcial Media Predictions For The 2013 Oscars

23 Feb

This infographic ‘Social Media Predictions For The 2013 Oscars’ was created by digital ad firm RadiumOne. According to them Facebook and Twitter users would choose Hugh Jackman for best actor for Les Mis. For best picture for Twitter would be vampire thriller Breaking Dawn Part 2 with almost 1.3 million followers on the social media marketing network. Facebook users would also pick the Twilight movie as best picture.

What do you think about social media picking the Oscars? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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The Rising Influence of SOcial Media

20 Feb

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. With no online presence on social media marketing networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest a potential customer or prospect may not take your company seriously in this 21st generation. In order to have a successful social media marketing campaign you need to genuinly engage with your audiences while creating highly shareable content like vidoes, images, presentations, infographics to name a few.

For organizations that are still ignoring social media… it is time to wake up and join in the conversation online! This infographic created by Brafton will convince you why you should be online.

Why do you think social media marketing so influential and powerful?



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4 Proven Steps to Succeed with Facebook Brand Pages

20 Feb

owly thumbs up

Our lives are about connections to the things we care about: family, friends, places, hobbies. In today’s digital age, we’re able to share these connections online. And as a brand, you’re able to connect and engage with customers in a powerful, measurable way.

Facebook users spending 40% of their time on the News Feed, how can you ensure your brand is taking advantage of this customer engagement?

To help you better understand how to leverage Facebook as a business tool, we’ve brought on a strategic expert straight from the source. HootSuite University is proud to present Facebook Brand Pages: Rules of Engagement with Jason Li, Lead Strategist with Global Creative Solutions at Facebook. Learn Facebook’s proven steps to business success and explore …

  • The 4 fundamental reasons why people share content
  • Real examples of successful Facebook Brand Pages
  • Benefits of Promoted Posts
  • … and more!

Meet the Speaker

Jason Li

Jason Li is a Lead Strategist with the Global Creative Solutions group at Facebook. In this role, Jason helps large brand and agency marketers create strategies and social ideas to grow their business on Facebook. Previously, Jason spent eight years at Procter & Gamble where he led marketing efforts for several top brands and campaigns.

Register for Facebook Brand Pages

Via HootSuite University

Mobile Video – The Next Social Trend

15 Feb

This year Video is becoming a major social media marketing trend. Twitter’s app Vine was release last month which was shortly followed by Facebook’s video recording feature for iOS app.

This infographic created by Uberflip provides detailed figures ad facts about the video market currently happening in the market an what it means for how marketers do their jobs.

Are you surprised with the takeoff of mobile video?

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When To Post On SOcial Media Networks?

15 Feb

What are the best and worst times to post on social media? Finding the best time to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+, Pinterest to increase your engagement, click throughs, likes, shares, retweets, and repins is today’s social media holy grail.

This infographic created by Social Caffeine goes into how you can maximize the reach of your social media posts by learning the best and the worst times of the day to reach your target audience.

What are your thoughts about this infographic? Do you think this infographic got it right?


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The SOcial Grammys

11 Feb

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday was an impressive night of entertainment for both artists and fans. The Social Grammys’ infographic was created by activ8social. Using a social media analysis this social media infographic focuses on four awards, which correctly predicted two out of four artists. The results from this infographic were complied by nominees YouTube, Twitter, Facebook  and Instagram accounts to attempt who was running for the following: best new artist, song of the year,  record of the year, and album of the year.

Some artists may have a huge following on social media accounts in regards to followers, fans, likes, and views which  showcases their online influence but this does not directly translate into Grammys as members of the Recording Academy choose the winners.

Check out more information in this infographic below. Are you surprised at who won?

The Social Grammys Infographic


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