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Everything You Need to Know For Excellent Event Execution!

6 Jan

Everything You Need to Know to Kill It in Online and Offline Events
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

Join Marketo’s Director of Marketing, Heidi Bullock, Content Program Manager, Dayna Rothman, and Marketing Automation Consultant, Sandra Freeman, to learn how to:

  • Develop a solid strategy and tactical plan for flawless execution
  • Create a schedule and have the perfect mixture for staffing success
  • Determine your event look, feel, and theme
  • Implement creative and unique tips to drive traffic to your booth

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Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
Director of Marketing, Marketo

Dayna Rothman
Dayna Rothman
Content Program Manager, Marketo

Sandra Freeman
Sandra Freeman
Marketing Automation Consultant, Marketo

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Successful Event Marketing from Start to Finish‏

13 Dec
Develop a Flawless Event Strategy for 2013!If you need to ensure your event marketing is successful from planning to promotion to follow-up, check out our brand new 120-page Definitive Guide to Event Marketing.Event Marketing You’ll get worksheets, checklists, and templates to help with:

  • Multi-touch promotion planning – including email, social, and PR
  • Staffing and executing top-notch events (online and offline)
  • Measuring attendance, engagement, and revenue generated
  • Designing event follow-ups that engage and convert prospects

Achieve record-breaking attendance and dramatic ROI for your 2013 events. Download the Definitive Guide to Event Marketing now!


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