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Search and Deploy: The B2B Marketing Trends of 2012

29 Jan

If your looking for marketing advice the world of marketing is full of websites, blogs and platforms. What does this mean for you? Ease of use to find strategies, procedures,  ideas and proven systems that will guide you to marketing success. Having no content marketing equal to no marketing presence and that’s a fundamental requirement for a successful marketing campaigns.

This infographic called “Search and Deploy: B2B Online Marketing Trends in 2012”created by Optify based on their 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report highlights some of the interesting data points that were found during analysis and creation of the report.

I found these findings to be interesting:

  • 34 percent of leads were direct, 26.5 percent were from organic search and 12.5 percent were from referrals
  • For B2B websites organic search was the top driver of traffic
  • For B2B websites email at 2.8p percent was the channel with the highest conversion rate,  Engagement page rates per visit  at 3.81were the highest with branded search. (3.81 page views per visit)
  • B2B social media leads were mostly from Twitter at 82 percent followed by Facebook and LinkedIn at 9 percent.

The trends in B2B marketing in 2012 were analyzed by 62 million website visitors, 215 million page views which lead to over 350,000 leads from US based businesses both in small and mid- sized companies.

What are your experiences in 2012? Does this infographic fit with your own experience?

Organic Search Remains King In B2B (Infographic) image Infographic Optify 2012 B2B marketing benchmark report

Definitive Guide to B2B Social Marketing

12 Nov
There’s lots of buzz around social media, but is it right for your business? Our 70-page Definitive Guide to Social Marketing is designed with the B2B marketer in mind, offering basic and advanced strategies to help you better leverage and quantify social media participation.Highlights of this new guide include:

  • What is Social Media? Discover why social media is invaluable to B2B companies and what it means for your organization
  • Social Media Basics. Determine if your company is ready for social media and develop a unique social media plan and policy
  • Advanced Social Media. Review various social media applications and learn best practices and key metrics to measure
  • Calculating the ROI of Social Media. Prove and measure ROI and value of social media strategies

Download Definitive Guide to Social Marketing NOW!

SOURCE: Marketo


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