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Barbados Goes Mobile for Travelers using Smartphones to Plan Holidays

21 Dec
Tourism Calendar for Mobile Travellers

Bridgetown, Barbados (PRWEB) December 21, 2012

The new mobile calendar for things to do in Barbados, WhatsOnInBarbados.com, is not just another calendar. It is designed for the future of mobile travel and solves one of the biggest issues in design and accessibility for the diverse range of devices and platforms for mobile.

The problem is that there are hundreds of mobile devices and operating systems. Building native Calendar apps (for an iPhone or an Android app etc) is not always the smartest way to go, as the cost of development and maintenance for all devices is unsustainable for a small team.

A web based Calendar is, on the other hand, universally accessible without having to download apps, which can be irritating for travelers who just want to get the news on things to do, now. Websites for mobile, however, are often too general and do not take advantage of the special features and resources of the different platforms and devices.

The solution is a smart web based platform that responds and configures itself to the device in an intelligent way. In this solution, the software not only reconfigures the information and graphics for each specific device it also accesses and uses native features like the date picker built into the device, just as a native app would.

Kathy-Lynn Ward, COO of AXSES (the company behind the BTE) and developer of a range of tourism technology including several other travel apps, says “Using HTML5 and the jQuery has helped us build a smart Calendar platform that can now be tweaked to work with every device with relative modest effort.”

What that means is that as new devices come out and old ones change, the smart system simply adapts to them. “It is a hybrid of the native app, like iPhone or Android apps, and a website approach”. says Ward. “The difference is that we program the information about events to display differently for each device and even for each orientation in a device.” It is a lot of work upfront but will save a lifetime of work in the future. It is in fact built for the future!

WOIB is the most widely used and most complete calendar of things to do in Barbados. THE BTE website, Barbados.org, is also the most extensive website of Barbados tourism and the most popular according to the Alexa competitive rank.

The BTE calendar has been a feature from early days starting in 1996. it has thousands of users and subscribers and a database of numerous attractions, activities, contacts and venues. The BTE has built a grass roots network with all media, tv, newspapers, hotels, local performers, restaurants, bands, tourism operators, museums, universities, theaters and locals who feed in details of vacation happenings on a daily basis. Much of the work in monitoring and creating the venues is automated and all of it is checked and approved in house.

The release of this app reflects What’s On In Barbados’ commitment to promoting the many events happening on the island to both locals and visitors. An increasing number of people are using the What’s On In Barbados platform (including the website, social media posts, Facebook app and weekly newsletter) to keep up with things to do on the island. The newsletter reach is currently 16,000 subscribers. For January to November 2012, there were 400,000 referrals from the What’s On website to view event descriptions, and an additional 25,000 clicks from social media posts.

With more people now having access to mobile phones than water and electricity, and more and more using mobiles while on holiday or to plan holidays from home, every tourism operator, hotel and destination absolutely MUST have a mobile app.

For more on Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia go to http://www.barbados.org
Website Calendar of things to do on island
Mobile app of Barbados Events

Quote startIt is a hybrid of the native app like an iPhone or Android apps and a standard website approachQuote end

Final Deadline to Enter PR News’ Social Media Icon Awards

11 Dec

New York City, New York (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

The Social Media Icon Awards is open to U.S. and international organizations that have moved the needle by way of their stellar social media efforts. There are over 70 categories to choose from and organizations are able to submit multiple entries.

PR News’ inaugural Social Media Icon Awards recognizes the most outstanding social media campaigns across all social media platforms and the creative individuals driving these stellar efforts. This awards program is open to organizations worldwide, large and small. The final entry deadline is this Friday, December 14. Winners along with honorable mentions will be recognized at an awards luncheon in spring 2013 as well as on http://www.prnewsonline.com.

For more information about the Social Media Icon Awards, visit http://www.prnewsonline.com/SocialAwards_2012.

The Social Media Icon Awards are divided into platform categories: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and others. Public relations and marketing professionals who are communicating on these platforms with proven success should enter and get recognized for their hard work. The Social Media Icon Awards also shine the spotlight on the best social media team as well as the products and services that fuel these effective campaigns. Organizations worldwide are eligible to participate and encouraged to enter multiple categories because of the discounted rate that is available after the initial entry.

The winners of the Social Media Icon Awards represent corporations, agencies and nonprofits. They are the risk takers who have taken tremendous strides and understand the important role social media contributes to an organization’s success.

To enter online, visit http://www.prnewsonline.com/SocialAwards_2012.

Winners and honorable mentions will be awarded in the following:

Facebook Categories

  •     Best Survey/Poll
  •     Community/Engagement
  •     Contests/Games
  •     Corporate-Community Partnership
  •     Crisis Management Campaign
  •     Event
  •     Marketing Campaign
  •     Photography
  •     PR campaign
  •     Profile Page
  •     Social Good Campaign
  •     Use of Video – moving words and pictures to activate your community

Twitter Categories

  •     Best Tweet Content
  •     Best Use of Hashtags
  •     Campaign to Increase Followers
  •     Crisis Management Campaign
  •     Customer Service via Twitter
  •     Funniest Tweets
  •     Growth spurt
  •     Marketing Campaign
  •     Most Engaged Followers
  •     PR Campaign
  •     Profile page
  •     Promoted Tweet Campaign
  •     Social Good Campaign

Pinterest Categories

  •     Best Brand Presence
  •     Best Photo with high number of Repins/Likes
  •     Community/Engagement
  •     Ecommerce
  •     Marketing Campaign
  •     Most Creative Board
  •     New product launch campaign
  •     PR Campaign
  •     Social Good Campaign
  •     Wow! Photo

LinkedIn Categories

  •     Best Company Profile Page
  •     Best Content on a Company Page
  •     Best Group
  •     Employee Communications
  •     Marketing Campaign
  •     Media Relations
  •     Most Engaged Company Page
  •     Most Engaged LinkedIn Group
  •     PR Campaign
  •     Recruiting Campaign

Instagram Categories

  •     Best Contest
  •     Best Photo
  •     Best Use of a Photo
  •     PR Campaign

YouTube Categories

  •     Best Channel
  •     Individual Video
  •     Marketing Campaign
  •     PR Campaign
  •     Viral Campaign

Google + Categories

  •     Branding Campaign
  •     Circle Growth
  •     Content/Thought Leadership
  •     Use of Hangouts

Technology Categories

  •     Influencer ID Tool – this tool accelerates ability to identify true influencers in your community
  •     Innovative Product or Service – share with us a “wow” product that moves the social media needle
  •     Reputation Management Service – this product saves face
  •     Social Media Measurement/Analytics Tool – this tool or service boosts efficiency, tracks KPIs and improves campaign

People Category

  •     Best Social Media Team

And the Rest

  •     Best App
  •     Best Infographic
  •     Corporate Blog
  •     Foursquare presence
  •     Individual Blog
  •     Games
  •     Tumblr presence

PR News’ Social Media Icon Awards is a great opportunity for organizations to get noticed for their top social media initiatives and the individuals driving their success.

For questions regarding the Social Media Icon Awards, contact PR News Marketing Manager Laura Berdichevsky at lberdichevsky(at)accessintel(dot)com. For sponsorship and exhibit information, contact PR News Senior Vice President & Group Publisher Diane Schwartz at dschwartz(at)accessintel(dot)com.

The PR News family of products also includes the weekly PR News publication, The Digital PR Summit, Media Relations Forum and PR Measurement Conference, PR Webinars and Workshops, PR Guidebooks, Platinum PR Awards, PR People Awards, Nonprofit Awards, 15-to-Watch and more.


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