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The Social Super Bowl Ad Brawl

4 Feb
Whispr Group, digital consulting agency said that out of 20.9 million Super Bowl- related tweets on Twitter about 30% of them were in regards to advertisements. Number 1 with 290,000  reactions on Twitter was GoDaddys ad featuring Bar Refaeli  followed by Budweiser with 164,000. The ads did not significantly impacts brands following on Twitter.
The brands which brought in the most new followers around 10,000 were Budweiser and Taco Bell. Quick thinking by Oreo with their timely blackout related tweet helped them gain 7,700 new followers.Which brand scored the highest according to volume, social ROI and new followers? Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” advertisement took the prize with their ad parody including a group of retirement-age men and women sneak out for a night of clubbing.Twitter said that 24.1 million tweets about the Super Bowl were sent out during half time and the game. 26.1 million tweets overall were tallied by Nielsen’s SocialGuide.
Want more data? Check out this infographic below. What was your favorite advertisement during the Super Bowl?

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Top 10 Failed SOcial Media Sites

24 Jan

Top 10 Social Media Sites That Failed infographic was created by mylife.com.  I found this list of the top 10 failed social media sites is interesting because it lists the potential reasons WHY each site may have failed.

I was surprised that Google+ was on this list as I didn’t realize it was a failure… yet. There was a time when Digg would have been considered at the top of successful social media sites but by outsourcing community messaging they definitely sunk the ship too soon. With too much time spend on developing advertising on Myspace they let their competitors like Facebook take over their market share by having a better social platform that appealed to a larger audience. I’m still hoping that Myspace can bring it back with their new and improved version.

What are your impressions about this infographic? Are their any additional social networking sites you think should be added to this list?

Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites

The State of Travel Blogging 2013

23 Jan

A UK travel company called FHR created a survey to better comprehend the world of travel blogging by asking a range of influential travel bloggers to fill out a survey in 2012.  This infographic ‘The State of Travel Blogging 2013’ is designed by No Pork Pies based on the results of the survey. Does this infographic surprise you? What is your feedback on the result?

The State of Travel Blogging in 2013

SlideShare: Content Marketing Giant

10 Jan

The world’s largest content sharing professional community online is SlideShare.

SlideShare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing, which data was collected by ComScore and this infographic was created by Colum Five Media reveals that SlideShare has 60 million visitors per month with 3 billion slide views.

SlideShare has 5 times more traffic from business owners than LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a highly professional audience. With this said it is no wonder that content marketing is the new advertising. SlideShare audience comes from search engines, social media networks and other SlideShare content.

Slideshare Quiet Giant of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

What is Advertising?

7 Jan

What is Advertising?

Vintage ❋ Christmas

20 Dec

Vintage Christmas :::….

1 Dec

Vintage Christmas 7UPVintage Christmas Ad HooverVintage Coca Cola Christmas Ad5Vintage Coca Cola Christmas AdvertismentVintage Xmas AdVintage Christmas Pall Mall AdvertismentVintage Christmas AdvertismentVintage Coca Cola Advertisment- ChrismasVintage Christmas AdvertismentSanta Vintage Christmas ZippoVintage Schwinn ChrismasVintage Merry Chrismas AdvertismentVintage Christmas Ad

Vintage ChristmasVintage Rolex AdvertismentVintage Christmas 7UPVintage Christmas Greyhound BusVintage ChristmasVintage Xmas AdVintage Cadbury ChristmasVintage Christmas AdVintage 7UP AdVintage Chrismas AdvertismentsVintage ChrismasVintage 7UP Chrismas AdVintage ChristmasVintage Christmas Sears AdVintage Chrismas Barbie AdVintage Christmas Nescafe AdVintage Christmas KodakVintage Christmas AdvertisementVintage Christmas DisneyVintage Chrismas Ad

SOcial Marketer Cheet Sheet: Pinterest & Instagram

22 Jul

Tips for the Social Marketer Cheat Sheet: Pinterest & Instagram #socialmedia #smm #pinterest #instagram


Tips for the Social Marketer Cheat Sheet: Pinterest and Instagram

SOcial Marketer Cheet Sheet

Marketo B2B Marketing Automation


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