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Did You Know 70% of Pinterest Engagement is Community Driven?

28 Feb

Did you know that 70 percent of brand engagement on Pinterest is generated by the pinning community vs brands?

This infographic by Digitas below takes a look at how users are driving the conversation on Pinterest and how brands can take advantage of this and amp up on audience engagement.

“Brands need to go forth and pin,” says Jordan Bitterman, Senior Vice President, Social, Mobile and Content Lead, Digitas. “This study reveals the opportunity for brands to drive the conversation on visual platforms like Pinterest. By leveraging rich consumer insight, brands can take the guess-work out of their visual content strategy, and share the types of images their audience wants to see.”

Are you surprised by the results of this infographic? Why or why not?

Pinterest Infographic

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Infographic: 45 SOcial Media Stats of 2013

2 Feb

The social community online is growing daily. Are you looking at how to engage with your online community?

This infographic created by Digital Insights goes into detail about social media numbers, stats, facts and figures for 2013. The key highlights from this infographic are:

  • 74% of marketers believe Facebook is important for their lead generation  strategy
  • 28% of Retweets on Twitter are due to inclusion of “please RT!”
  • 40% of marketers use Google+, 70% desire to learn more and 67% plan to  increase Google+ activities
  • 42% update their profile information regularly on LinkedIn
  • Over 1 billion LinkedIn endorsements
  • More than 16 billion photos already uploaded on Instagram
  • 80% of total Pinterest’s pins are re-pins
  • 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites
  • Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade show,  telemarketing, daily mail, or PPC
  • More than 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social  media
  • Around 46% of web users turn to social media for making purchases

What are your thoughts about this infographic? Do any of these following stats surprise you?social-media-activities-infographic-2013

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Millennials & SOcial Media = ?

5 Dec

Did you know that over three quarters of 15-34 year olds knows as Generation Y log on to social media everyday?

This infographic created by InSites Consulting discovered that 56 percent of respondents said they use social media as a way to communicating and sending private messages while 54 percent use it to kill time. 92 percent of GenYers have no intention to stop using social media channels- which leaves a huge market for the whole social universe.

Guess what site was names the site with the most awareness? Yep you guessed it,  Facebook it is followed by Twitter, Google+ and Myspace ( Myspace what?) and LinkedIn.


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How to Market on LinkedIn [Infographic]

15 Oct

This infographic by showcases LinkedIn marketing.

Some basic stats include: the fact that Linkedin has over 135 Million users worldwide, the average household income of a LinkedIn user is $109,000 and that 77% of LinkedIn users are 25 or older.

Having a complete profile on LinkedIn is imperative as well as giving recommendations on skills and jobs. Expand your network with people you don’t know to create new connections. Get involved with groups related to your industry on LinkedIn.

Are you using LinkedIn? Why or why not?

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Using SOcial Media For Lead Generation

18 Jul

Social media can be an effective lead generation tool for your business.

This infographic created by Wishpod  goes into detail about how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest; the top social networks when used right can help your business grow with new leads and attract new customers.

Facebook, the largest social network in the world is still king when used for a lead generation tool. The infographic states that 77 percent of B2C marketers say that they have acquired a customer through Facebook. At 26 percent, Facebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic to websites. With Twitter second only to Facebook at a minimal 3.6 percent.

What are your thoughts about using social media as a lead generation tool? Have you acquired new customers via Facebook? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Need Inspiration?

1 Jul

What quote best inspires you? Leave yours in the comments section below!

Anything in your life you can accomplish

appreciate your life

Are you moving?

Be brave, take risks

Believe in yourself!

Collect moments, not things

Do all things with love

Doin what you like is freedom

Don't Hate what you don't understand!

dr seuss quoteDream on Dreamer

Doubt kill more dream than


Everything changes

Everything has beauty...

Everything is energy

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast

Follow that dream

Happiness is the way

Have less. Do more. Be more.

Imagination~ Albert Einstein

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take


When Animals Take Over SOcial Media…

11 Jun

Are you an animal lover? Then you wouldn’t be surprised that on social media networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest the rapid growth of animals has surpassed that of famous celebrities worldwide. Do you know about the grumpy cat called Tard, what about the dogs Boo and Fenton?

Why the animal phenomenon on social media? This infographic created by Edgemere and webtise goes into detail about the most popular animals with the largest following on social media and why exactly the social media sphere loves animals so much.

What are your thoughts about animals having their own social media page? Does your pet have a Facebook profile or Twitter account? Would you create one for them?

When animals take over social media channels

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What Makes a Successful SOcial Media Campaign?

5 Jun

How is a social media campaign best executed?

This infographic below created by Cox Blue highlights some of the universal components of a successful social media marketing campaign. What are your thoughts in regards to this infographic?

What makes a successful social media campaign?

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The Key to Building a Strong Online Reputation

27 May

In today’s digital work managing your brand reputation is challenging as it goes beyond traditional advertising onto digital media.

For example one slip up on Facebook or Twitter could potentiallty bruise your business’s reputation for the long haul. This infographic below created by MDG states that 92 percent of customers trust other customers opinions posted online, however less than half of marketing communications professionals are prepared to handle a brand crisis online.

What are your thoughts about this infographic? Do you trust opinions posted online by other customers?

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How Do Men and Women Use SOcial Media Differently?

13 May

Did you know that male and female behaviour is very different when it comes to social media?

How is it different? On Facebook 62 percent of women do the bulk of sharing while YouTube os where men spend most of their time. 70 percent of Pinterest users are women and also dominate Twitter at 62 percent.

Who use more social media? Women top social media use at 71 percent compared to men at 62 percent.

This infographic created by Internet Service Providers goes into detail about the difference between the genders. Are you surprised by the results of this infographic?

battle of the sexes on social media

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Why a SOcial CEO?

7 May

Did you know that only one in five CEO’s have a social network account?

This inforaphic created by MBA Online goes into detail about how this could have a negative impact on business.

What do you think about this? Should all CEOs get SOcial? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Inside the mind of a social CEO [Infographic]

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Are Your SOcial Media Analytics Working for You?

6 May

An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today
May 8th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST

Sponsored by

You’re now generating mountains of data with your social media efforts and your team has been producing actionable reports. But are your analytics tools properly analyzing all the data you need to?  Are you confident in the data you’re receiving?  And do you trust it to support critical business decisions?  What are the data most relevant to you, and how can you be sure your analytics are telling you the whole story? How often do you do check-ins to make sure the analytics tools you’re using aren’t using outmoded technology? And how do you decide when your analytics tools need a re-evaluation?

If it’s your responsibility to make sure the analytics tools your company uses are doing their job, this webinar is for you. Join us as we look at what makes a valuable social media analytics solution and when it’s worth looking at other options. We’ll be discussing topics like:

  • What kind of ROI are you currently getting with your SMA tools? What could you be getting with others?
  • How do you determine confidence in your SMA tools? Have your SMA tools ever led to you making business decisions that didn’t work out as well as you’d expected?
  • What triggers a re-evaluation of your SMA solution?
  • How efficient is your current system? Are you able to quickly and easily produce reports, or does it take a help desk request to get one done?
  • Does your current tool provide analysis of all the right data sources to provide meaningful analysis?  Or are you missing critical online sites that might paint a different picture?

About the Panel:

Krissy Espindola is the Director, Knowledge Management & Social Customer Support, for T-Mobile. She joined T-Mobile in 2002 and is responsible for all internal and customer-facing support content, which spans the vast range of T-Mobile products and services. During her tenure, Krissy consolidated multiple content management systems, selecting a Social Business Software as T-Mobile’s primary content collaboration platform and knowledgebase. Adopting a Social Business Software solution has reversed the flow of information at T-Mobile, enabling employees and customers to actively participate in the content creation process – delivering significant operational savings to the organization. Krissy also leads T-Mobile USAs customer support strategy and operations on T-Mobile branded social media channels.
Kim Celestre is a Senior Analyst, Social Marketing, at Forrester Research. Kim serves Marketing Leaders. Her analysis on social trends, issues, and best practices helps marketers create social strategies and tactics that increase customer value. Her research covers B2B and B2C marketing, with a specific emphasis on the use of social networks and online communities to  shape exploration and buying behaviors. Kim is an award-winning social media thought leader. She was a driving force behind Sun Microsystem’s use of social media and listening platforms to drive awareness and technology adoption among the company’s customers and developers
Todd Wilms is the Head of Social Strategy for SAP and part of the Digital, Social, and Communities Leadership Team.  A 20 year marketer, he has held leadership positions at some of the world’s best know brands like eBay/PayPal, Citrix Online, PeopleSoft, and agency GPJ.  He is an avid writer and contributor to platforms like Forbes, is widely quoted in major media, and is a frequent speaker and university guest lecturer around the globe.  He is a board member of The Online Marketing Institute and was a previous board member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northern California. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and two young boys, where he is seriously considering getting a dog.
Paul Dunay, moderator, is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations. Paul is the Global Vice President of Marketing for Maxymiser, a leader in web optimization and analytics, and author of five “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009), Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies (Wiley Custom Publishing 2010), Facebook Advertising for Dummies (Wiley 2010), Facebook Marketing for Dummies 2nd Edition (Wiley 2011) and Facebook Marketing for Dummies 3rd Edition (Wiley 2012).

Facebook: Best Days to Post, Segmented By Industry

5 May

Are you curious about what the best day to post on Facebook is? This all depends on your industry as each industry is different.

The infographic below created by LinchpinSEO goes into detail about what the best days to post as it relates to each primary industry type including: Advertising & Consulting, Automotive, Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Goods, entertainment, Finance, Food & Beverage, General Retail, Health & Beauty, Non Profits, Publishing, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications & Sports & Leisure.

Are you surprised by the results of this infographic?

Facebook- Best Days to Post Segemented by Industry

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The New Heart of Marketing: Service

1 May

Customer service is the new marketing

An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today
May 2nd at 1pm EST / 10am PST

There was a time when marketing was all about selling and pushing out the company line. But with the rise of social media, marketers have replaced old models of company-customer communication with vital new models, based on conversation, interaction and collaboration. And the most successful have found the key to keeping that connection with their audiences and keeping them engaged is to infuse their whole operation with an emphasis on service before all else. Then, sales follow, as do customers who keep coming back.

Join us as we we discuss how sales, product design, marketing and customer service all contribute to the service mentality of a company. We will talk about how customers view a company’s service. And we will explore how marketers, in particular, can get an outside-in view of their customers, to make sure they are putting themselves in their customers’ place as they design their entire customer experience.

  • How does putting customers at the center of all business decisions translate to increased sales and growth?
  • Are there ways of engaging customers that provide service and help boost sales?
  • Does gamification help or hurt that goal?
  • How can employees think beyond the numbers and get to a service mentality

                                                   About the Panel

Emily Yellin, Moderator

Emily Yellin is a journalist, author and consultant. Her most recent book, Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us — Customer Service and What It Reveals About Our World and Our Lives, was published by Simon & Schuster. Currently, Emily is a consultant with Peppercomm, a strategic communications firm in New York. She also regularly speaks at conferences and in the news media about customer service, marketing, social media and journalism, and is on the advisory board for Emily was a longtime contributor to The New York Times, and has written for Time, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, Newsweek, Smithsonian Magazine, and other publications. She has lived in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London, but is currently based in Memphis. Website: Twitter: @eyellin


Facebook’s Privacy Policy Has Changed

27 Apr

This infographic created by Webpage FX describes how Facebook’s privacy policies have changed over the years.

How well do you know Facebook’s privacy policies? Are you surprised from this infographics stats?

Facebook Privacy Infographic

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12 New Personality Types in SOcial Media

24 Apr

What are the behaviours that marketers want to know about social media marketing? This infographic created by First Direct based on a nationwide survey that studied the behaviour and attitudes related towards social media.

What did the results show? The results from the survey showed that people typically behave differently on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter compared to how they behave in real life.

SO which out of these 12 social media personalities define your target market? Please share your thoughts about this infographic in the comments section below!


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SOcial Media & Corporate Strategy: Changing Roadmaps and New Landscapes

23 Apr

An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today
April 23rd at 12pm EST / 9am PST

Social Media & Corporate Strategy Webinar

Sponsored by

Five years ago, a person exclusively charged with managing a company’s social media strategy was a novelty. Today, social has a reason to be integrated into every department. Customers don’t differentiate between your advertising, sales, or service teams when they’re communicating with your company. But how do you develop a consistent external social presence and create effective strategies for non-communications teams? Who is in charge of creating these strategies, and how do you coordinate various corporate voices?

If your organization wants to integrate social media into its overall corporate strategy, you’ll need to hear this webinar. Join our panelists as we discuss how every part of your company can rise with the social media tide. We’ll discuss:

  • Where are unexpected opportunities for cross-promotional collaboration within a company?
  • Who do you assign to a company-wide social media center of excellence?
  • What role does content play in social efforts? Who determines what’s needed?
  • Case studies about companies that have successfully integrated social throughout their organizations, and how they resolved friction points

About the Panel:

ImageChris Boudreaux builds social media solutions that help brands transform their business operations.  He is the creator of SocialMediaGovernance and he leads development of social media offerings at Accenture, where he also serves as a social media solution architect for clients around the world. He is publishing his second book on social media, entitled The Most Powerful Brand on Earth: How to transform teams, empower employees, integrate partners and mobilize customers to beat the competition in digital and social media.

ImageMadhur Aggarwal is Vice President, Strategy and M&A, Office of CMO, SAP. As Vice President of Strategy, Madhur leads the worldwide marketing strategy and M&A within SAP’s “Office of CMO”. The oCMO team is charted to champion “Voice of the Market”, help improve SAP’s competitive position in the marketplace and drive the transformation of SAP Marketing to a “best-run business”. Madhur is responsible for injecting outside-in audience perspective, defining the strategic framework for SAP’s activities from brand to demand and crystallizing the worldwide marketing priorities across 50+ countries, 24 industries, 11 lines of business and 5 product categories.

Douglas Billings is a Principal in PwC’s Management Consulting Services. He leads the firm’s Enterprise Co-creation practice. He works with PwC’s clients to apply social business practices across all the operational value streams of customer operations, innovation and supply chain. Doug is coauthor with Francis Gouillart of the just published Harvard Business Review article entitled:  Community Powered Problem Solving: a health care initiative shows how brick-and-mortar businesses can co-create solutions and change the rules of the game.
ImageMaggie Fox is the founder, CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world’s most highly respected  independent agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. She was named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100th anniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Boards of both and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Follow her on Twitter @maggiefox.

Should You Use Twitter? This Flowchart Has The Answer!

20 Apr

Did you know that more than 500 million people have come to Twitter since 2006. Is Twitter really for you?

This visual flowchart created by Flowtown presents some interesting questions to consider if you currently use Twitter or want to start tweeting.

Would you have joined or not joined Twitter depending on the results of this tonque-in-cheek flowchart? Find out with this helpful chart.

Should you use Twitter? InfographicLike SO! What? SOcial

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Which Demographics Use SOcial Media?

15 Apr

This infographic was created by the Pew Research Center based on the results of a comprehensive seven year social media survey that was conducted  to evaluate which social media platforms demographics were using. Which sites emerged on top?

The results of the survey were:

  • 67% use Facebook
  • 20% use LinkedIn
  • 16% use Twitter
  • 15% use Pinterest
  • 13% use Instagram
  • 6% use Tumblr

Which social media sites should you focus on for your target market?

Which demographics use social media? Infographic

The social media demographics that every marketer must know

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How to Optimize Your SOcial Channels for Lead Generation

10 Apr

How to optimize your social channels for lead generation webinar

Date: April 11, 2013
Time: 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

Social media is vital for business branding and generating buzz, but are your social channels generating leads? In this session, you’ll discover proven tactics and strategies for turning your social presence into a lead generating machine.

Jason Miller from Marketo will show you why inbound alone is not enough, how to successfully apply the “4-1-1 Rule” of social engagement, how to utilize visual content across your social channels, why social signals matter and the power of advocacy for lead generation.

You’ll get tips on:

  • Using visuals, promoted posts and apps on Facebook
  • Promoting tweets, solidifying messaging and tracking results on Twitter
  • Managing your groups, company pages, and events on LinkedIn


SO! What? SOcial Hits 3000 Likes on Facebook

9 Apr

Thanks to the awesome people who have liked our Facebook Page, today SO! What? SOcial hit 3000 fans on Facebook!!! We wanted to thank all of our fans who helped push us over the edge.





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How #Hashtags Work?

9 Apr

In social media marketing, #hastags have become a hot topic. This infographic was created by Online Circle a digital marketing agency to teach you all you need to know about hashtags and more!

#checkitout and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

What You Need To Know About #Hastags

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Are You The SOcial Media You Use?

6 Apr

Do you have a profile on a social media channel? If SO you are not alone as nearly everyone is on one social medium or another these days and this is only expected to grow in the future.

This infographic created by The Maple Kind and published on starts off by introducing us to the number of users on social media networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Check out this humorous infographic below.
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5 Tips on Creating Great SOcial Media Channels

2 Apr

1. Find your niche, focus your marketing content on that.

2. Create consistent themes across all social media channels.

3. Give your content a branded look that is easily recognizable.

4. Have a flexible content calendar that is easy to update.

5. Post what the audience likes and is most likely to share.


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