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Facebook Adds Searchable Hashtags

12 Jun


Facebook has just announced that it is launching hashtags to ease following conversations you are interested in. Currently hashtags are only “beginning to roll out” the feature, so you might not see it right away. Facebook says that the hashtags that you see “similar to other services like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest” as in a feed of comments will appear when you click on the hashtag. According to Facebook functionality will include the ability to write posts directly from a hashtag feed, searching hashtags for topics that are relevant to you and being able to click on hashtags that come from other services.

In Facebooks words:

“Every day, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to share their thoughts on big moments happening all around them. Whether it’s talking about a favorite television show, cheering on a hometown sports team or engaging with friends during a breaking news event—people on Facebook connect with their friends about what’s taking place all over the world. …

To bring these conversations more to the forefront, we will be rolling out a series of features that surface some of the interesting discussions people are having about public events, people, and topics. As a first step, we are beginning to roll out hashtags on Facebook.”

What are your thoughts about hashtags on Facebook? Yes or no?

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Maximizing Return From Your Facebook Investment

14 May

Maximize ROI on Facebook

Rebecca Momberg, Director,
Client Solutions and Strategy,
Marin Software

Thursday, May 16, 2013- 1:00 PM EDT

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  • How to craft a Facebook campaign strategy for your business objectives
  • Best practices for audience targeting, creative design, creative placement and user experience
  • How to see the full picture of your Facebook performance and measure Facebook ROI
  • How to quickly spot and take advantage of Facebook optimization opportunities

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Facebook’s Graph Search

5 Feb


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Graph Search Optimization: Facebook New Search

30 Jan

Facebook New Graph Search

On January 15, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new search feature called Graph Search which is the third feature along with the already established Timeline and Newsfeed. You can post content, pictures, updates on the Timeline while the Newsfeed is how the content gets distributed.

Do you want to receive personalized search results on Facebook? The Graph Search does  just this. It leverages the connections between your friends and they brands they like. For example this enables you to search based on shared social connections for the best results on where to shop, where to stay for your next holiday, where to find a realtor, the best place to find sushi, the list goes on. Facebook has opened a new world of social media discovery by spreading the value of check-ins, shares, likes, followers and photos with Graph Search.

Zuckerberg said that “every piece of content has its own audience.”

The difference between search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and Graph Search on Facebook is that each search is personalized and unique to each user based on their social connections. This means it is harder to test the effectiveness of Graph Search VS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google as it has many working components that make it more of a challenge that requires specific tools and tactics.

Graph Search is starting to roll out in beta. What this mean is it will require the adoption of Facebook users behaviors on Facebook which will take time. The brands that are ahead of the puck and take advantage of the new search on Facebook will gain a competitive advantage against those who have not. The same thing happened when Facebook Pages and Google Search when they were first introduced to the market.

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Instagram & Facebook: ID Please

28 Jan

Instagram ID Check

Have you been asked for your photo ID on Instagram? If so, your not alone. Last week various users on Instagram reported to be locked out of their photo sharing app.

On January 19, Instagram introduced a new terms of service which CNET first discovered on Tuesday.

Users were first worried that their accounts had been hacked. However on Friday,  Talking Points Memo confirmed that the ID requests on Instagram (which is now owned by Facebook) were legitimate.

A Facebook spokesperson told Talking Points Memo “this is just a general practice for both Facebook and Instagram to request photo IDs for verification purposes depending on what type of violation may have occurred”… “Unfortunately, I can’t share more with you beyond that as we don’t go into details beyond that.”

Facebook declined to state exactly why a number of users would collectively receive notifications to provide government issued IDs last week or what specific violations had occurred.

Instagram’s has the right to “refuse access to the Service to anyone for any reason at any time” according to the terms of service.

What do you think of these recent developments? Will you still be using Instagram?

Facebook Blocks Vine

26 Jan

Facebook VS Vine Blocked

Social media giant Twitter has recently acquired video sharing app Vine, and shortly after this Facebook began blocking Vine. Vine is Twitters video application that has since been blocked by Facebook the ability to add and “find people” function to find friends on Facebook.

When trying to add Vine accounts there is a pop up that states “Vine is not authorized to make this Facebook request.”

Video sharing platforms like YouTube and iMovie share content in the same mode as Vine on Facebook however Vine is competing with Facebook’s video sharing  apps like Viddy.

In recent news, Twitter dropped Instagram’s Twitter card integration meaning that you can no longer find Twitter users within the Instagram app. In reality this should not be a surprise that Facebook cut off Vine. This move is the latest in the battle of Facebook vs. Twitter.

Are you surprised with these recent developments?

New Facebook Feature

18 Jan

Facebook Messenger iPhone App


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Facebook Messenger iPhone App FREE Voice Calling for U.S. Accounts

16 Jan

Facebook iPhone Messenger

Facebook has begun rolling out a feature to its Messenger app letting users call each other over cellular data or WiFi. The feature was initially limited to Canadian iOS accounts but is now being opened to all U.S. accounts, The Verge was the first to notice the update and confirm with Facebook.

The Verge reports that Facebook Messenger iPhone app added a new free calling button for US users. It’s an initiative the company beta tested in Canada earlier this month, saying at the time that a US rollout was coming soon.

Today Facebook confirmed the call feature that has been released for its iPhone app in the US, and did not provide any additional information on the new feature and if it was planning to expand onto other mobile operating systems (Blackberry, Android) and what countries would be offered this feature.

How to use the app?

Open the Facebook Messenger app to access voice calling, open a chat with a friend and then click on the “i” button located at the top right corner. If this feature has been activated on your account there should be a “Free Call” button. Currently Facebook is rolling out these features for the next several days to all users so if you can’t use it yet stay tuned!

Will you be using this new feature to call your Facebook friends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Think Like Zuck!

14 Jan

Think Like Zuck

The simple five-part formula the upstart Facebook CEO used to change the world—and how any business leader can apply it to his or her own company.

Facebook changed the way hundreds of millions communicate, engage, and consume information and products—and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is behind it all. Think Like Zuck answers the questions everyone is asking: What did Mark Zuckerberg do right?

The book explores the critical elements that drive the success of Facebook and social media businesses, such as having passion to change the world, clear vision and higher purpose to execute, extraordinary team-building skills, and a flexible business strategy.


Facebook: Likes, Comments & Shares

8 Jan

Social Media Profiles: How to Get More Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares?

This infographic via HubSpot goes into detail about the types of Facebook posts that are most popular: picture, text, video and link as well as the day and time to post.

Free Ebook: 47 Handy Facebook Stats and Charts

27 Dec
47 Stats Facebook ebook cover small

Facebook is a social media giant used for B2B and B2C companies, and data helps marketers determine the next steps in a campaign.

Do you know the best time to engage with your customers on Facebook? Learn this and more in this free ebook.

We have compiled 47 stats, charts and graphs on Facebook that are easy to share and put into presentations. Use these stats to help you determine what is the best strategy for your next Facebook marketing campaign.

After reading this ebook, you will be able to:

  • Determine how to best reach your particular target
  • Measure your progress on Facebook relevant to others in the industry
  • Implement strategies for best results on Facebook

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Facebook Marketing Secrets [WEBINAR]

20 Dec

There are literally hundreds of people hawking Facebook marketing programs. They are a dime a dozen. But there is only ONE Amy Porterfield!

Amy is a dynamic presenter, incredibly smart and has assembled a killer presentation to update you on all of the new features, functions and technicalities about Facebook marketing. I promise that you will get more out of one webinar with her than you would from ten put on by others!

In this action-packed, brand new webinar, Facebook expert and author Amy Porterfield will show you how to finally get real results for your business with Facebook. Results that are directly linked to more targeted exposure, quality leads and bigger sales.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 3-step formula to turn your Facebook Page into a lead generating machine.
  • Easy strategies that are working right now to help you quickly attract your first 1,000 Fans.
  • Promoted Posts: What they are and how they can skyrocket your engagement overnight.
  • Facebook Offers: Boost your leads and sales with this Facebook “Super Feature”.

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How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing

9 Dec

Over 500 million people use Facebook on a mobile device. Are you looking to catch up with the rapidly evolving mobile marketing landscape? See how you can combine you efforts on Facebook with mobile marketing to generate more leads and customers.

Learn how to optimize your Facebook presence for mobile users. This ebook will walk you through the steps to increase brand awareness and lead generation on the Facebook mobile app and mobile site.

After reading this 42-page ebook, you will know how to:

  • Create mobile friendly marketing campaigns
  • Update your website for mobile apps
  • Design posts that are optimal for mobile devices
  • Use Facebook ads on mobile
  • Measure the success of your campaigns

Writing Effective Facebook Posts

3 Nov

Choose the right time: Weekend posts have higher engagement rates than other days of the week. The best time of the week to write is toward the end of the week. More people are on Facebook outside of business hours which means wall posts written between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. have 20 percent higher engagement rates.

Add links: If you can avoid URL shorteners. Engagement rates are three times higher for wall posts that use the full-length URL vs shortened URLS social media platforms like Hootsuite.

Avoid wall posts that are complicated: Links, photos and videos can incorporate interesting content via wall posts on Facebook. Simple content posts achieve the most engagement in general and are easy to share across other social media marketing channels.

Keep it short: The longer the post, the less engaging fans find it as most people scan Facebook and don’t read it.
Ask questions: To drive comments, ask a direct question and ask for the response.  Did you know that people are twice more likely to comment on a post that poses a question? This can help attract people who like to give their ideas, opinions or advice on Facebook.

Keep variety in your posts: Keep it interesting by mixing in polls, videos, links, questions and text-only updates. Don’t post about the same thing every time as this is not engaging if nobody is responding or interacting.  Make sure  to mix up the posts with a variety  of personal, fun and current events/ industry trends.

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.ME Registry Announces Five Day Social Media Contest

10 Sep

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Get ready to get social. The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME domain name extension, the most personal domain around, today announced the “You’re Not a .com, You’re a .ME” social media contest. The contest will run from Sept. 17-21. All participants who take part on a daily basis will receive a complimentary, one year .ME domain name registration. Three grand prize winners will receive a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera. The .ME Registry will announce grand prize winners on Twitter during the week of Oct. 1.

“Thousands of .ME domain names are registered every month as an alternative to .com by people who want to show the world that they are a person, not a corporation,” said Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry. “We invite people everywhere to join us on Twitter for a chance to secure their preferred .ME domain name before it’s taken by someone else.”

A .ME domain name is the Web address for people who want to stand out on the Internet and is a great way to promote a blog or Website. People and organizations worldwide have registered .ME domain names to humanize Web content and make their sites personal. Additionally, .ME domain names are commonly used as part of search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management and Web branding strategies. Check the availability of and purchase a .ME domain name at www.Domain.Me.

Entering the “You’re Not a .com, You’re a .ME” contest is as easy as following .ME on Twitter and re-tweeting the .ME contest tweet daily throughout the contest period. Everyone who follows .ME on Twitter and re-tweets the contest tweet once a day will receive a complimentary .ME domain name registration. Grand prize winners will be selected from the pool of all participants. Complete rules are posted on the .ME website here.

Connect with The .ME Registry on Twitter & Facebook

About The .ME Registry:
.ME Registry (the d.b.a. of doMEn, d.o.o.) was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. .ME Registry partners include and Afilias LimitedMe-Net is located in Montenegro and its principals have been leaders in the ICT sector in Montenegro, including the privatization of its largest ISP. is located in the USA and is a leading Webhosting provider and domain name registrar according to Netcraft Ltd. Afilias Limited is headquartered in Ireland and is a leading registry services provider, supporting more than 13 million domains worldwide.

Natasa Djukanovic
1-866-941-5341 (fax)

Russ DeVea
908-251-1549 (mobile/text)

SOURCE .ME Registry

Computer Glitches, Not Facebook Bigger Time Waste at Work

16 Aug

DENVER, Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Employers looking to increase productivity should consider breaking up water-cooler talk or upgrading their software before banning Facebook. In a nationwide survey, 14 percent of knowledge workers cited chatting with co-workers as their biggest waste of time, followed by dealing with computer or software problems (11%). Five percent (5%) of respondents cited Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts as their biggest time waster.

Additionally, while some may argue that company policies and procedures can be considered a point of frustration and wasted time with workers, the survey found that only four percent of respondents considered it their biggest waste of time. In fact, when asked specifically about company policies, rules or procedures, some 44 percent said they actually helped increase productivity at least slightly.

These and other results are from a new survey sponsored by TrackVia, makers of a cloud-based application platform that allows non-technical business people to build their own department applications or business software to do their work faster and easier.

Additional survey findings around productive and unproductive use of time at work include:

  • Better Peer-to-Peer Communication: More than one-in-seven (15%) employees said they spent 1-2 hours per week addressing misunderstandings or miscommunications with co-workers. Another 7 percent said they spent 3 or more hours on this in a typical week.
  • Leave Politics to Politicians: One-in-six (17%) said they spent 1-2 hours in a typical week navigating or dealing with office politics. Seven percent said they spent 3-5 hours, and another 7 percent  estimated they spent 6 or more hours in a typical week dealing with office politics.
  • Make Meetings Matter: Among those who spend time in meetings during a typical week, more than one-third (37%) felt at least half of the time in meetings was wasteful of their time. This is noteworthy as approximately one-in-five (21%) workers said they spent at least 3 hours in a typical week attending work meetings.
  • Whether Popular or Unpopular, Company Procedures Often Work: In fact, one-in-nine (11%) said company rules or procedures greatly increased their productivity. Only two percent felt that they greatly reduced productivity.

For more information and additional survey results, visit TrackVia’s Online Database blog here.

About the Survey Methodology

The study was administered by Amplitude Research during August 2012 among a nationwide panel of business and consumer professionals. In total, 300 surveys were completed by non C-level employees throughout the United States who use computers and software as part of their daily job. The survey has a maximum sampling margin of error of +/- 5.6 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level. More information about Amplitude Research, Inc. may be found at

About TrackVia

TrackVia is the easiest, most powerful do-it-yourself business application builder platform. It helps non-technical business people design, build and deploy highly secure and reliable cloud-based applications without I.T. TrackVia customers have built nearly 6,000 applications, ranging from commonly used business solutions such as CRM, order management, support case management, software bug tracking and product catalogues to highly tailored vertical applications such as corporate real estate management, hotel incident and customer tracking and manufacturing supply chain management. TrackVia is sold on a simple and affordable month-to-month subscription plan. For more information or to sign-up for a free 14-day trial, please visit


PR Newswire

Foot Locker ‘Approved’ Campaign Launches With NBA All-Stars

16 Aug
If it's at Foot Locker, it's #Approved.  (PRNewsFoto/Foot Locker)
NEW YORK, Aug. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/
Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: FL), the New York-based specialty athletic retailer, today unveiled its latest national advertising and integrated marketing campaign.  This is the first effort under the Approved umbrella created by worldwide advertising agency BBDO, and features three spots starring a dynamic group of elite NBA All-Stars including Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, James Harden, Kevin Love, and Russell Westbrook.

“At Foot Locker, we know that our customer wants the best in style and performance so that they stand out with confidence, and that’s exactly what we are providing them,” said Foot Locker EVP of Marketing Stacy Cunningham.  “As an authority and source for top men’s athletic footwear and apparel, we pride ourselves on delivering the hottest sneakers and apparel with quality to match. If it’s at Foot Locker, it’s Approved.”

Beginning August 16, the Approved affirmation will come to life across a breadth of channels, including a comprehensive in-store experience, broadcast, print, and digital. The Approved campaign will emphasize Foot Locker’s commitment to providing customers with the premium footwear and apparel they can trust.  The comedic commercials feature the five charismatic players off the court in entertaining and compromising situations highlighting the season’s latest trends in footwear and apparel. Sneaker enthusiasts will be able to connect with the NBA athletes they love through social media channels to share photos and engage in commentary.

“To me, the Approved campaign means that the style and pieces are stamped, they’re validated, they’re solidified by Foot Locker,” said NBA Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. “It’s that stamp of approval that you can only get at Foot Locker.”

The spots center around the fantastical lengths the guys go to in order to keep their Foot Locker Approved gear fresh. For example in “Tear Away,” Harden peels off an infinitely layered outfit from Foot Locker and in “Melos,” Anthony has a team of “extra Melos” sporting all his new gear, so he can wear everything at the same time. Another example is “Yacht,” where Harden and Love don’t want to have to take off their Approved Foot Locker gear when they get in the pool, so they ride around on  a forty-foot inflatable pool yacht.

The campaign comes during a key selling season for Foot Locker retail stores, which offers everything from shoes, shirts, hats and hoodies to help complete the fall look.

To view the new advertisements, please visit

About Foot Locker:
Foot Locker, Inc. is a specialty athletic retailer that operates approximately 3,350 stores in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Through its Foot Locker, Footaction, Lady Foot Locker, Kids Foot Locker, Champs Sports, and CCS retail stores, as well as its direct-to-customer channels, including, Eastbay, and, the Company is a leading provider of athletic footwear and apparel.

Additional information may be found at | Twitter: @FLunlocked #Approved | YouTube: | Blog: | Facebook:

Bryan Kirsch, Edelman

Kelly Pepe, Edelman

SOURCE: Foot Locker

PR Newswire To Make Social Media More Colorful & Thought-Provoking, Moving Well Beyond Political Correctness

15 Aug

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ (, celebrating the freedom of speech in all of its glory, launched today as the ultimate online destination for people to give their opinion about anything and everything. Starting in the U.S., the new site plans to become a global reference for the pulse of the people, no matter what the subject.

Since the rapid growth of Facebook, many sites have entered the social online space offering different propositions on how to connect with friends and the wider world from photos and videos to tweets and numerous posts about what people are doing or seeing.

Thinkpinion aims to go beyond everything out there now, by providing an often-lively digital forum where people can share what they are thinking and feeling openly – about absolutely anything, whether the topic is politics, environmental issues, health management, animal welfare, people’s rights, businesses, brands, advertising, the latest celebrity gaffe, reactions to a rowdy reality show, or issues closer to home.To post something, people just need to sign up with through a brief, free registration process.

“Literally anything that is on someone’s mind can be shared on Thinkpinion,” said CEO and Co-Founder Petrina Walker. “We expect people to write a lot about campaigns and candidates leading up to the Presidential election in November, while others might comment about movies, their sex lives, their workplaces and maybe even how to save the world. Some might even go so far as revealing information about an alien abduction, while others could talk about great deals they just found online, why they don’t believe in God anymore or what celebrity they would like to date.”

Other people can then read these opinions and comment as appropriate, after registering. Search and follow systems allow users to find topics and people of interest quickly, while integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other key social network services encourage even broader sharing.  People can register as themselves and become famous for their opinions. However, those who prefer to say what they want without attribution (or potential retribution) can create a new, let-it-all-hang-out identity.

To encourage further participation, the creators have included a gamification system that rewards members with tXP points (experience points) that over time earn them a collection of tPins (awards) that they can award to other thinkpinions or articles. The more points they have, the higher the level they get to and that unlocks more awards.

“We have included a fun, digital reward system on the site so visitors can easily give feedback and the most popular thinkpinions and authors will rise to the top,” added Co-Founder and COO Scott Walker. “Participating members will get recognition and status from continued activity, as well as awards such as tPins, a ‘thumbs up’ and comments, received from site visitors and members. There are over 120 tPins to collect and it will be prestigious to have them all.” is privately funded by the Walkers, senior executives with marketing and product development backgrounds, who worked for major companies such as Disney, EA, Hasbro and Activision. Brooklyn Inc, a Los Angeles-based developer, helped to bring their vision to life.

With enough people participating, the site has the potential to have an influence on numerous issues as leaders, companies, communities and individuals refer to the views that people have expressed for guidance.  In some cases, will flag appropriate influential parties about particularly passionate issues in the hopes of spurring positive changes.

To voice opinions, people should go to, register and let everyone know what they’re thinking now, next week and as often as they’d like.


PR Newswire (

Netflix To Launch In Norway, Denmark, Sweden And Finland In Late 2012

15 Aug

LOS GATOS, Calif., Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) today announced it will offer streaming of TV shows and movies for one low monthly price in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland before the end of 2012.

Upon launch, broadband Internet users in the Nordic countries can subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a wide array of Hollywood, local and global TV shows and movies; many with high definition video and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.

Netflix has revolutionized entertainment by giving people a choice to enjoy what they want to watch from its broad selection, when they want to watch it, where they want to watch it for one low monthly price over a wide-range of Internet-connected devices. These devices include PCs, Macs, Smart TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray disc players, smartphones and tablets.

Now the world’s leading Internet subscription service for TV and movies, Netflix has been streaming to millions of U.S. members since 2007, adding Canada in 2010, Latin America in 2011 and the UK and Ireland in early 2012. Using the unique Netflix recommendation engine, each member is presented a personalized list of TV and film titles to enjoy from the Netflix library.

People in the Nordics interested in becoming Netflix members can go to to sign up to receive an e-mail alert when Netflix has launched. Further details about the service, including pricing, content and supported devices, will be announced closer to launch.

About Netflix

With more than 27 million streaming members in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom and Ireland, Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) is the world’s leading internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV programs. For one low monthly price, Netflix members can instantly watch movies and TV programs streamed over the internet to PCs, Macs and TVs. Among the large and expanding base of devices streaming from Netflix are the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 consoles; an array of Blu-ray disc players, internet-connected TVs, home theatre systems, digital video recorders and internet video players; Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as Apple TV and Google TV. In all, more than 800 devices that stream from Netflix are available. For additional information, Follow Netflix on Facebook and Twitter.

SOURCE: Netflix, Inc.

Holland America Line Launches ‘Dream Cruise’ Sweepstakes On Facebook, Enhances Roll Call

13 Aug

SEATTLE, Aug. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/

Holland America Line has just launched a sweepstakes on Facebook that will award one fan a seven-day “Summer 2013 Dream Cruise” for two in an ocean-view stateroom to Europe, Canada/New England or Alaska. The sweepstakes runs through Oct. 31, 2012, with the winner selected upon the close of the sweepstakes.

“There’s no doubt that Facebook has become an essential way for us to interact with our fans and for our fans to stay connected to Holland America Line and each other,” said Richard Meadows, executive vice president, marketing, sales and guest programs. “We are excited to offer all of our fans who participate on Facebook the chance to experience the dream of cruising through this new sweepstakes.”

‘Top Picks’ Features Diverse 2013 Cruise Destinations
All Holland America Facebook fans have the opportunity to share their travel desires on Facebook. By choosing from 12 stunning images, fans get to showcase their top three cruise destinations for 2013 and share these favorites with friends via their Facebook wall; however, doing so is not required for sweepstakes entry. The Dream Cruise sweepstakes may be viewed at

To enter the sweepstakes, Facebook users must “like” Holland America Line’s Facebook page, while current Holland America Facebook fans will click on the “win a cruise” icon on the line’s Facebook page. The entry form must be completed for a chance to win the cruise. (The sweepstakes is limited to legal residents 18 years of age or older from the United States, District of Columbia, Canada — except Quebec — and the United Kingdom.)

New Enhancements Simplify Cruise Guest “Roll Call” & Extend to Post-Cruise
The sweepstakes is just one of the cruise line’s latest Facebook initiatives. To further cultivate interactivity for guests, Holland America Line has enhanced the popular Roll Call tab, making it easier for Holland America Facebook fans to connect and stay in touch with fellow shipmates who are traveling or have sailed on the same cruise.

New enhancements include improved cruise search functions and the ability to “Roll Call” for up to three months after the cruise to re-contact new cruise friends met on board and share stories and photos.

Guests just click on the Roll Call icon, enter the month of their cruise and the ship name to “join” and begin getting or giving advice, asking questions about what to do while on their cruise, and sharing the excitement. Roll Call cruisers may also set up an exclusive shipboard “meet and greet” in advance through the line’s Onboard Events team. Holland America Line Roll Call may be viewed at

“Not only can our Facebook fans meet other guests on their cruise through Roll Call, but they also can talk about their experiences, share tips and photos and even win an exciting cruise with us,” remarked Meadows.

For more information on Holland America Line’s cruises and CruiseTours, consult a professional travel seller, call 1-877-SAIL-HAL (1-877-724-5425) or visit

Find Holland America Line on TwitterFacebook and the Holland America Blog.

About Holland America Line [a division of Carnival Corporation and plc (NYSE:  CCL and CUK)]
Holland America Line’s fleet of 15 ships offers more than 500 cruises to 415 ports in 98 countries, territories or dependencies.  One- to 110-day itineraries visit all seven continents and highlights include Antarctica, South America, Australia/New Zealand and Asia voyages; a Grand World Voyage; and popular sailings to ports in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Alaska, Mexico, Canada/New England, Europe and Panama Canal.

Fleetwide, the company features Signature of Excellence enhancements, a commitment totaling more than $540 million, that showcase the Culinary Arts Center presented by Food & Wine magazine — a state-of-the-art onboard show kitchen where more than 60 celebrated guest chefs and culinary experts provide cooking demonstrations and classes — Explorations Café powered by The New York Times, Digital Workshop powered by Windows, teens-only activity areas and all new stateroom amenities highlighted by flat-panel TVs and plush Euro-top Mariner’s Dream Beds.

World’s Leading Cruise Lines
Holland America Line is a proud member of World’s Leading Cruise Lines. Our exclusive alliance also includes Carnival Cruise Lines, Cunard Line, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises and Seabourn. Sharing a passion to please each guest and a commitment to quality and value, World’s Leading Cruise Lines inspires people to discover their best vacation experience. Together, we offer a variety of exciting and enriching cruise vacations to the world’s most desirable destinations.  Visit us at

CONTACT: Sally Andrews
PHONE: 800-637-5029
FAX: 206-262-5934

SOURCE: Holland America Line

The Market’s Facebook Freakout

9 Aug

The Market’s Facebook Freakout. Read: #Facebook #socialmedia

Health News Gets Social

9 Aug

AUSTIN, Texas (PRNewswire)  Aug. 9, 2012

The dailyRx News Network announced today enhancements to its website, a leading publisher of consumer health news. dailyRx version 7.1 renders a superior user experience, seamlessly integrating breaking health news and videos with social media channels to spark more effective conversation between patients and providers.

“We must engage in digital conversation with our patients at every touch point. Participating in social media conversations extends the patient education experience in a scalable fashion. All healthcare professionals should be leveraging vetted health content to help reduce the cost of care,” said Russell Ricci, MD, dailyRx’s Chief Medial Officer.

dailyRx’s social media platform syndicates the latest news to patients across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest for participating health providers at no cost. dailyRx’s platform enables hospitals, clinics and health care professionals to easily interact with a broad patient audience.

“dailyRx is offering health care providers the conversation tools to engage patients with on-demand information, when and where it is most impactful,” said Hackett. “dailyRx does all the publishing work and distributes the latest news to the providers’ social media channels and websites.”  Additionally, dailyRx offers a weekly guide with the latest tips and popular news trends to help social media administrators keep patients engaged.

dailyRx publishes more than 100 original news articles each week, translating breaking health research into easy-to-understand language at the 8th grade comprehension level. dailyRx journalists, editors, and medical team vet the latest medical research to deliver relevant, doctor-reviewed news covering 750+ conditions, medications and therapies.

The dailyRx Insight, a feature included within each news article, offers readers an actionable suggestion approved by a panel of health professionals. “Our network of physicians, pharmacists, and behavioral health professionals contribute their real-world expertise to offer consumers ‘main-street’ sensibilities,” said Hackett.

“dailyRx version 7.1 is another step in our journey to empower health providers and patients to reduce the cost of care delivered by 5%,” said Hackett.

About dailyRx

The dailyRx News Network is an emerging leader in publishing health news for consumers and patients alike. dailyRx publishes, aggregates, and syndicates doctor-reviewed news and videos covering a wide range of health conditions, medications, over-the-counter products, and nutraceutical compounds. dailyRx’s original content is written in positive, unbiased, easy-to-understand language and reviewed for efficacy by doctors, pharmacists and therapists. dailyRx is owned by Patient Conversation Media, Inc.

SOURCE: dailyRx News Network, PRNewswire

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