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Communicators Invest Heavily in Content Marketing

5 Dec

Content Marketing Takes Off: Business-to-consumer (B2C) communicators are heavily using—and significantly investing in—content marketing, says a new study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs and sponsored by Pace.

According to the study, 86% of B2C organizations market with content—regardless of company size or industry.

Some of the nuggets from the study:

  • B2C organizations use an average of 12 tactics. The most popular tactics include social media (excluding blogs) (84%), articles on a company’s website (84%), e-newsletters (78%) and blogs (77%).
  • While these results are similar to the habits among B2B marketers, B2C marketers are using mobile content, mobile apps, print magazines and print newsletters more often than their B2B peers.
  • For B2C marketers, Facebook is the most popular platform by far, with 90% of respondents indicating they use this for content distribution. This differs from B2B, in which LinkedIn is the most popular platform, with 83% of respondents using this (compared with 51% of B2C marketers).
  • Akin to B2B companies, B2C communicators are investing heavily in content marketing. They now spend 28% of their marketing budgets on content marketing, and 55% of B2C marketers plan to increase their content marketing spend within the next year.

Source: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs

What Does an Influencer Really Look Like? How to Measure Online Influence that Makes a Difference

13 Sep

An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today

September 18th at 12pm EST / 9am PST

The nature of social media is that it’s driven by the behavior of consumers, whose decisions are in turn influenced by other people online. There’s never been much question that some web users have a stronger or broader influence on people’s decisions than others – the challenge for marketers has been to identify these web influencers, and in some cases attempt to influence them in a positive direction as it concerns their business. But how to measure influence, which only works if consumers allow themselves to be swayed?

Measurement tools have come into being to assign rankings to the influence of an individual, and most social platforms display metrics that purport to describe reach – but does a number of friends or followers aptly illustrate trust, admiration, respect, shared values and the other factors that really make up influence? A large follower number or high influencer score may not indicate meaningful influence over decisions in people’s personal or business lives. Or do they?

Join us to discuss the true meaning of web influence and how to measure it:

  • What do social technology platforms really measure? 
  • Can one be influential without trying to be? 
  • Is there a direct correlation between influence and marketing success? 
  • How do consumers and marketers decide that someone is influential?

About the Panel:



Nick Hayes, President, Influencer50

Nick is a marketing pioneer having previously founded and run successful marketing services firms for fifteen years, including an award-winning international technology PR agency & network for tech clients including IBM, HP, Adobe, Sun and BT. He founded Influencer50 in 2003 and since 2005 has run its US operation from San Francisco. He began his career at the European headquarters of EDS (now part of HP). Nick lives in the Bay Area.


Rob Fuggetta, Founder/CEO, Zuberance

Rob Fuggetta is the world’s leading expert on brand advocacy. Fuggetta is the author of the ground-breaking new book, “Brand Advocates: Turning Enthusiastic Customers into a Powerful Marketing Force.” Published by John H. Wiley & Sons, Inc., a major business publisher, Brand Advocates shows how companies are leveraging Brand Advocates to build their brands and businesses – and how you can too! Fuggetta is the Founder & CEO of Zuberance, a social media marketing company that powers Brand Advocate programs for top consumer and business brands. Prior to founding Zuberance in 2008, Fuggetta was the Chief Marketing Officer at Genuity, a Verizon spin-out. He also was formerly a partner at Regis McKenna, Inc., the legendary high tech marketing and communications firm in Palo Alto, where he co-led the global Apple account.

Vanessa DiMauro, CEO, LeaderNetworks

Vanessa DiMauro is the CEO of Leader Networks.  A pioneer in business-to-business community building, Vanessa has been creating successful social strategies for more than fifteen years.  Vanessa is a popular speaker, researcher and consultant on online communities and organizational social strategy and operations best practices.  She has founded and run award-winning online professional communities such as Cambridge Information Network (CIN) for Cambridge Technology Partners, Computerworld Executive Suite and CXO Systems’ Peer Visibility Network.  She consults with many organizations and has a blue chip client list which includes Cisco, Cognizant, HP, LexisNexis, Palladium Group, and SAP. Vanessa is an Executive-In-Residence at Babson College’s Olin School of Management, and is also a member of the board and a fellow of The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR). Her work and ideas have been covered by leading publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine.


Maggie Fox, Moderator, Social Media Group

Maggie Fox is the founder and CEO of Social Media Group, established in 2006 and one of the world’s most highly respected  independent agencies helping business navigate the socially engaged Web. Pioneers in their field, Social Media Group has developed social media strategies for some of the best-known brands in Europe and North America, including; Ford Motor Company, SAP Global Marketing, Norwegian Cruise Line, 3M and Thomson Reuters. Maggie has been interviewed about social media by The Washington Post, CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, CBC News, CTV News, AdAge and The Financial Post, among others. She was also named one of the Top 100 Marketers in the 100th anniversary edition of Marketing Magazine and sits on the Board of the Empire Club of Canada.

SOURCE: Social Media Today

How Social Media Can Affect Your B2B

9 Aug

How Social Media Can Affect Your B2B Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]. Read: #socialmedia #B2B


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