Want to Increase Your Twitter Followers?

6 Feb

Tweeting Consistency

Sticking with a consistent tweeting schedule on Twitter is important, this symbolizes you being active in your Twitter community.  Social media experts would agree that spending some time each day getting up to date with current events, news, press releases, ect so that you have relevant and timely things to tweet about. I would suggest trying to tweet three times per day in order to maximize the benefits of your Twitter profile. However with this said don’t over commit if you are unable to follow thru with this, instead try tweeting once every two days, once a week  or whatever fits with your schedule and level of commitment.

Profile Optimization

Your profile on Twitter is a powerful tool to gain followers and should be used to maximize potential.  Make your profile inviting, interesting and unique as it is the first thing that potential followers see which encourages them to read further or click onto one of your links. Add a profile picture and a customized background as well as complete your full biography to make your Twitter profile complete. This will show potential followers what you have to offer to them in hope that they follow you.

Tweet Interesting Content

Engaging content is king on Twitter. There are limitations on Twitter with 140 character words count so be creative with your message. It is important to direct your followers with a link to your content in a tweet.

Respect a Retweet

Make sure to thank any of your followers who retweet you and show appreciation in order for more potential retweets.

Website Widgets

If you have a website add a Twitter widget with a link to your profile and a Twitter feed of your recent tweets onto your website.  This not only looks socially friendly it is also for ease of use for anyone visiting your website to follow you on Twitter.

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3 Responses to “Want to Increase Your Twitter Followers?”

  1. PriConnects February 7, 2013 at 8:24 am #

    Great article! I also wrote an article on Twitter covering the basics..for those looking for Twitter 101, here it is http://priconnects.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/twitter-basics/



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