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How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience

6 Jan

A global provider of business communications and collaboration solutions Avaya, has created the infographic below called “How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience.” This infographic goes into detail and ranks channels that consumers prefer to interact with companies:

  •  Video Conferencing 11%
  • Mobile Apps – 12%
  • Social Network – 16%
  • Skype – 22%
  • Outside Online Forum – 25%
  • Website Chat – 29%
  • Online Company Forum – 30%
  • Text Messaging – 34%
  • Direct Mail – 41%
  • FAQ on Website  – 54%
  • Face to Face – 64%
  • Company Website – 72%
  • Email – 80%
  • Phone  – 84%

How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience

Via Avaya

Everything You Need to Know For Excellent Event Execution!

6 Jan

Everything You Need to Know to Kill It in Online and Offline Events
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

Join Marketo’s Director of Marketing, Heidi Bullock, Content Program Manager, Dayna Rothman, and Marketing Automation Consultant, Sandra Freeman, to learn how to:

  • Develop a solid strategy and tactical plan for flawless execution
  • Create a schedule and have the perfect mixture for staffing success
  • Determine your event look, feel, and theme
  • Implement creative and unique tips to drive traffic to your booth

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Heidi Bullock
Heidi Bullock
Director of Marketing, Marketo

Dayna Rothman
Dayna Rothman
Content Program Manager, Marketo

Sandra Freeman
Sandra Freeman
Marketing Automation Consultant, Marketo

Source:   Marketo Logo


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