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The Most Powerful LinkedIn Webinar You’ve Ever Seen

15 Nov

You know that all of your prospects are on LinkedIn. And you know that LinkedIn can be used to generate leads and grow sales, not to mention position yourself and your brand as a leading authority.
But by now you’ve probably realized that the things most people are telling you to do…they just don’t generate results. At least not consistently.

That’s where Josh Turner comes in. His company helps other businesses increase sales using LinkedIn, and I’m pumped to share with you his brand new webinar, The Most Powerful LinkedIn Webinar You’ve Ever Seen. And the best part is that it is absolutely free.

Register for LinkedIn Webinar

If you are expecting to learn the latest tricks to game the system, look elsewhere. This webinar is about the REAL tactics and strategies that you can use to generate consistent results, week after week.

What Josh is covering in this jam packed webinar:

• How to use the LinkedIn connections you already have to rapidly grow your database, get more leads, and increase sales.
• — What one business owner has done to generate 90 leads and $465,000 in additional sales, all off LinkedIn in just 8 months.
• The EXACT SCRIPT that one of Josh’s clients has used to generate $3 million in sales in 2012 alone, all off of LinkedIn.
• Strategies for utilizing LinkedIn to build your email list.
• The LinkedIn strategies one business owner used to secure international distribution and equity investment for a brand new product.
• How to improve your Google rankings by utilizing little-known LinkedIn tactics.
• The secret to utilizing LinkedIn groups to grow your business, even for B2C companies!

Josh’s company works with clients across the globe, and charges big bucks for his services. I really can’t believe that Josh is giving away this training completely free.

Head over to sign up and register for free here: LinkedIn Webinar

SOURCE: LinkedIn University


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