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How to Use Social Video to Drive Results

6 Nov
cameron uganecSocial video is a lot like throwing a party. It’s about momentum. It might start out slow, but if you get the right influencers showing up, having fun and talking about it, the video will be shared exponentially, and will grow on it’s own. But like a good party, it takes hard work and planning to get it right. HootSuite University is pleased to present How to Use Social Video to Drive Results with Cameron Uganec, HootSuite’s Director of Marketing and Communications. Learn about the power of storytelling through social video by exploring …

  • Balancing magic and logic
  • Social vs. viral videos
  • 10 secrets to social video success
  • … and more!

Meet the Speaker

Cameron Uganec has over 15 years of brand and marketing experience. Reaching the ‘connected consumer’, through digital media, has been the foundation of his career, and he has led global campaigns for Four Seasons, General Motors and Microsoft. At HootSuite, Cameron is focused on building a global brand through a storytelling approach, with social media content at its core.

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SOURCE: HootSuite


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